Baby girl name ideas

Baby girl names that start with D?


We made our own lists, compared them & then selected the ones we could both agree on. Not too much arguing involved.

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Blossom. Tuesday. Tyler. Hailey. Carissa. Sarah. Mary. Cora.

Genesis, new life, and an amazing baby filled new world :heart:

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Maddison Sarah Saige Cara

Look up the meaning of the names and see if one is special to you.


My parents couldn’t chose a name for my brother. They put all the names in a hat and told me to pick two. He should thank me every day… he could have been Barney Fredrick.


My daughter did wynter Rayne and magnolya ryver for her girls


Put all the names with middle and last names see what fits best.
Put all names on a piece of paper put them in a hat and pick one.

Well, you get to pick 2🤷‍♀️a first and middle name, so that’s good. So maybe narrow it down to the top 10. You and your partner can take turns vetoing any that you don’t absolutely love, that reminds you of someone or something that you don’t love, one that you can’t picture actually using every day, that don’t sound good with your last name, or that (if you like nicknames) don’t lend themselves well to any good nicknames. If you don’t like nicknames, then get rid of those that may quickly turn into a nickname. You don’t likely want to constantly be correcting people about the name. Then match the names up, first and middle, try out which ones make a good combo together and with your last name.
That’ll probably do it. Can you tell I’ve named 4 kids? :sweat_smile:

Looking at baby alone, while saying each name take some time say it several times eventually you will know what name is hers.

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Dalary Cammie Aniston Aubrey Addie Adell Ariana Brielle Bella Demi Bridgette Emery Fallon Heidi Haley Harlowe Meadow Jade Juliet Kingsley Kieran Kylee Lacy Miley Macy Larkin Nina Oakley Olivia Presley Peyton Rayne Reagan Stella Star Tiana Tabitha Tiara Tabby Tully Vivian Trixie

Let the father chose out of all the names you like

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Say it/scream it 100 times in a row. If you still like it you’re golden :joy:


My daughter is Marlee Faith. She’s named after me and my husband. My husband’s middle name is Marlow and mine is Faye. We just knew once we said her name :heart:

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My method was one my husband and I agreed on bc he mixed everything.

My daughter’s father and I could literally only agree on one name… That’s how we chose lol.

I was gonna name my daughter Matilda Grace but she ended up as Hannah Grace. I’m pregnant now if it would have been a girl either we where gonna use Matilda or Luna Grace

Scream the names until you get one you like :two_hearts:

When you see her you’ll know…

Im always had to see and hold mine before naming them

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With my daughter I had the same problem. When I seen her face for the first time thats when I knew she was my Leilani Alexandria.

My daughter is Tara Marie, and her new baby is Ella Jane

Callie Grace, Harper Rose, Isabella Grace, Nora Jean, Lydia Sue, Libby Grace, Kendyll Elaine

We named our daughter Shawna Beth Analina. Shawna Beth is her first name and mine is Sarah Beth so that’s where the Beth came from. My husband’s mother’s middle name was Shawn so that’s Shawna. My mom’s name was Joan, so that’s the An in Analina and one of my very best friends who took her own life was Alina. If any of your names have any meaning behind them, I would go with those. :black_heart: also my son’s name is Evan which means “God is gracious” and that’s also what Shawna means :black_heart:

  1. Pick your 10 favorite names, put them on index cards or paper, fold them and have someone else pick it from a hat
  2. If you haven’t had a baby shower yet, make that into a game and do it as a survey

What is the one if you couldn’t have, you would be the most dissapionted about

Part of my naming process was each of my girls’s middle names were named after one of our grandmas. My oldest after my husband’s grandma and youngest after my grandma but used my grandmas middle name. So we found names we liked that went with those names. We also agreed we wanted something simple but cute. We have a Kenna and a Kalli.

Both my kids’ names just jumped out at me. My daughter’s name is Sunny Isabelle.

I had a long list then nerrow it dowto 10 then to 5 it was hard as I was around kids every day and alot of names being in childcare. My daughter name is Brook-Lynn

Everyone has different taste. Some of these names are horrible to me lol. My daughters are Lily, Juliette and Stella. I’d stay with a classic name not anything too weird or spelt where it can be confusing. Also I think maybe a family name for the middle name is nice.

Do your daughter a huge favor and give her a name that doesn’t brand her. She will be unique in preschool if she is named Caroline, Carolyn, Anna, Linda, Suzanne or many other beautiful older names.

Libby was on the list for both my girls

Repeat it, is it to hard for the child to spell later in life, will the name cause teasing, is it a popular name because of a movie/show that you will regret later in life? I’ve met a few parents (I’m a preschool teacher) and they regret picking some names because they went to extra with the spelling thinking it was “unique.” Go with your heart. Write all the names down with the middle name (if you are using one). Pick 2 for the next couple days and narrow it down that one. Pick 1 of the 2 to a keep pile and the other to the no pile. Do that every couple days until you are down to the final 2!


Choose a name that does not become terrible nick name. Also one that isn’t too old for baby but looks good on diploma or business card. She will grow up and should be proud of who she is ,so don’t give her a goofy name


Pick several names you like but don’t make up your mind til you see the baby. I had 3 girl names ready. Tina, Tanya and Jaimi. When my daughter was born I KNEW her name would be Jaimi. She had red hair!!! Didn’t look like a Tina or a Tanya

5 top names?! Seriously :neutral_face: I’m glad I named my kids in middle school at the lunch table with my friends :rofl::rofl:


Some people want family names. Sometimes it’s the place of origin that’s important. Sometimes it’s how many syllables flow with just the last name.