Baby girl name ideas?

Unique baby girl names opinions? 27 weeks this week and still no name lol


Our next is gonna be Dayla Serenity Rayne if we have a girl

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We finally decided on Coraline still don’t have a middle name though :unamused:

I have a Phoenix Ophelia! She is a rainbow baby


I like Oakley,and Jazlynn

Promise, Treasure. Sonnet Lyric

Alora could work for a middle name

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Margot, Fen, Alice. All go well too.

Kennedy … Kerrington… Carter… Shelby… Lydia…

Annelise (my oldests’ name)
Noelle (My oldests’ middle name)

Laura LaRae was. Gonna be mine , but had a boy …Justin Lee , love that son & his name fits him .

Kyleen my name. I love the name Siobahn

I have a MaKendra and a Keeleyonna. Very unique names. Never found them on a single souvenir lol

Beautiful, Caprice, Capri, Farrah

Gracelynn was gonna be my girls name but he was boy so we went with Layton

My daughters name is Alandreia.


Paisley, Leanna, Brook-Lynn, Cierra, Veronica, Harper

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I just named my daughter Berkeley

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Harleigh, Miami,Grace

I have a Scarlett i like
river Denver sookie Caroline

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Analie, Annalise, Annalisa, Annalie.

My friend named her daughter Asaliah (A-zal- iah)

I was looking at illiana , lavina and xena when I had my daughter

Anissa :wink: I love my name!!

My Daughters name is Alannah

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Aaliyah,Kendyll, Kenna, Ainsley,Breelynn,Emmersyn, Gracelyn, Harper,Joselyn, MaKaylnn, Quinn, Serenity, Savannah, Tatum, Vivian,

Lovicy,Sierra,Brilyn Skye.Ciarra.Kianna

Anaya…my grandmothers maiden name

Paisley, Amberlyn,Arianna, Journee,Everly,London, Victoria,Rowan, Sloane, LaShay ,Skye, Raine,.

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I love the name MEADOW RAINE

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My granddaughters name is Graelynn

Named by granddaughter Sierra Skye.

Emberlynn, Sawyer, Hayden, Leandra

Gemma, Roxy, Davielle, Navaeh, Kaelyn, Leanna, Petunia, Iris

Not sure how common they are where you’re from but they are pretty unique for me. These were my girl choices until I found out I was having a boy this pregnancy. & My daughters name is Tatum.

Donelda…female name

Emmalene is my daughters name.

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We have a Nikelle Leigh’Andra :heart:

Emma Rose

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How bout London or Harlow Live them!

Shiloh, Royce, Ryanne

Ember, Lizah, or Elise

We named our girl Nora and have gotten so many compliments about her name!

Whatever you decide to name her remember that if it is bad off spelling every new teacher will have a hard time pronouncing it. No one will spell it correctly. What may be cute could be a horror to a child having to live with it because other kids are down right mean.
Just something to think of.


I named my little girl River. Nature based names are on the rise, though.

Iva, sienna, Jade, Cora, lillian

My great great grandmother was named Lena Jane
My daughter is named Anneliese
My mom is Zara
And my name isn’t supper common or if it is it’s with 2 l’s

My daughter’s name is Sadie LuAnn…I love it and everyone always tells me how adorable she is and how her name fits her perfectly! I’m sure whatever name you decide will be beautiful! Good luck and congratulations!!!

Some unique names that were on my baby girl list were Annistyn, Londyn, Paisely and Georgia.

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Audrey Alaska Betty rylie Blake

Markila is unique that’s what I named my 4 day old :slightly_smiling_face: or Achilles is her second middle name :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughters name is Brinley Marie…I chose the simple spelling. In my opinion, simplicity is better when it comes to a woman’s name. Nowadays so many people think they gotta add all these extra Y’s, E’s and A’s to the name to make it “unique”. Well, it does make it unique.

Uniquely annoying. Lol😆

Nova. Beatrix. Lorelei is awesome

my girls are Bentley Graelynne and Maebrie!

Last names as first names are cute on girls. We were going to use my moms maiden name Talley. If you have some in your or the dads family they are also nice shout outs.

My daughter is Paisley :heart:

I have the name Kaydence Rose picked out for my future daughter

If we have another girl I love the name Scarlett

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I have Emerson Rose :blush:

Liá cheyanne , Skylar Jayne. Austin Marie

My middle name … Zita .
.pronounced Zee ta

Had Evelyn as a name picked out for my daughter the whole pregnancy, they placed her in my arms and I said, “hello Ava rose.” Everyone’s mouth dropped. Sometimes you just know when you see them :heart:


I have an Emilia Meyalli :black_heart:

Ceilia that is my granddaughters name she jus turned 2 in match and i love the name old school

Crystal, Tina, Susan, April, Amanda, Audrey

Nia - Swahili name meaning “shining bright”

I love the name Katana

Allerika, jasmine, fibi, loralye, Mercedes, Charlie, kenzlee, kendal, Carlin, adele, adalina

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I’m 36 weeks with a boy and no name lol. For a girl I have Elaina, we call her Lainey, no idea why, just happened lol. I also like Norah, Josie, Jane.

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I have always loved Jacey Lynn

Kyan, Kyla, kyren, Ryella, Ryanna

My daughter’s name is Aurora Dahlia Anthia.

My nieces name is Aleyna and I love It!

Girl I’m 32 weeks and still haven’t named the baby

Scout is a great name too

Bobbi has served me well.

I have Melody June :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Araceli, Ksenia, Jazz