Baby girl name ideas?

looking for a first name for my baby girl. I want her middle name to be Kate. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have a hard time deciding or finding something I like.


Leah Kate
Sarah Kate

Willow Kate
Brooklyn Kate
Olivia Kate
Charlotte Kate
Brayley Kate
Finley Kate
Rilynn Kate
Avery Kate
Ruby Kate


Google 2019 most popular girl names,your gonna get a bunch of results :grinning::grinning:

Charlotte Kate :purple_heart: Charly for short

Aislin. Elizabeth. Sarah. Melody. Malia. Anna. is awesome

Miranda Kate
Rhiannon Kate
Krystal Kate
Shelby Kate
Lorielie Kate

I wanted to name my 3rd daughter Ella Kate but hubby didnt like the name Ella. :expressionless::roll_eyes:

Riley kate, bailey kate, hannah kate,

Amelia Kate
Myla Kate
Julianna Kate

Sydney Kate
Courtney Kate
Maria Kate
Elizabeth Kate

My favorite girl name I happened to decide after having my three girls , Hannah, Riley & Molly… is Madeline… I decided I loved it when I was on my fourth pregnancy, happened to be twins, and twin boys… so Madeline was out!

Emma Kate, Ansley Kate

Natalie Kate
Madilyn Kate
Macy Kate


All these name suggestions make me cringe :dizzy_face::grimacing::roll_eyes: Kate is a strong name, why not make it her first name??


Emmalin Kate,Emerson Kate,Everly Kate,Paisley Kate,Sophia Kate,Kinzlee Kate,Kamryn Kate,Aubree Kate.AmeliaKate,Alexandra Kate.Aleah Kate,Amerie Kate.

Emma Kate was going to be my daughters name

Idk why…but Melissa or Marissa Kate sounds cute.

I kinda made Amerie up as l went. Never heard it before.

Isabella Kate, Christina Kate, Aubrey Kate, Abigail Kate, Spenser Kate, Alyssa Kate, Madison Kate

My name is Jenni Kate :wink:

I personally love Everleigh/Everly Kate :blue_heart:

One of my twins is Hazel Kate
I’m Leah Kate

Lilianna julianna Marianna

Ella Kate, Amelia Kate, Savannah Kate

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My daughter is Willa Kate after my grandmother and aunt

My baby was going to be Addison Kate. But I’m having a bou

Emery Kate, Marie Kate, Jazlynn Kate, Emma Kate

MiaBella Kate = my beautiful kate

Abigail Kate is super cute!

Kit kate :laughing: not really but I think it be great

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Ariella Kate, Emery Kate, Brooklyn Kate, Brayleigh Kate, Emerson Kate, Reina Kate, Sarah Kate

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Also Madison Kate is cute

I like the name ivy… Hope that helps


Ruby Kate, Harper Kate, Charlotte Kate, Sophia Kate

Harper Kate
Emma Kate
Laney Kate
Ella Kate

Maddison Kate
Autumn Kate
Serenity Kate
Riley Kate

I have an Ally-Kate :blush:

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Amberley Kate.
Aurora Kate.
Ashley Kate.
Skyler Kate.
Emmy Kate
Everly kate
Arden Kate.
Arley Kate

Elizabeth Kate
Grace Kate
Audrey Kate
Gabrielle Kate
Emersyn Kate
Blair Kate
Rose Kate
Olivia Kate
Esmae Kate

My daughter is Summer Kate