Baby girl name ideas?

we have a 3 year old and are expecting another babygirl were having a hard time naming our 2nd one. Does anyone have any unique names?


I’ve an Arianna and Cali

My daughters name is Zhalia
But I’ve seen others spell it Zahlia

Our Daughters name is Harper :heart:

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Anistyn. Blair. Emerson. Ellia. Lyla

My girls are Emmalyn and Mairin

Piper, Peyton, Geneveive

Skyla. Aurora. Harper. Odessa. Avalynn. Piper.

If and when I have another girl I’m naming her Havyn

Desirea alexandrea are my girls

Cimera is my daughters name its different

I’m naming my daughter Xenovia Renee

I have a chloe elyane
Aaliyah nikole
Mackenzie Aria
And maddison Alivia

I have two girls Avianna and Aliviyah (Olivia)

Heaven spelled backwards Nevaeh

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Abcde, pronounced, Absidy



We went with Pandora for a first name and Lilith for a middle :slight_smile:

Lorelei Sydney London Ivy Bonnie

Allyison…or Abigail…

Maya, Maddie, Kenzi and Lexi

I have a tilly and a rhylee

My baby girls name is Emmalyn Rae

I have a Skylah Mae and a Raegan Rose on the way :two_hearts:

Maja mira Mila Marica Ella Eva Liljana

I have a Aspyn, kynedi and Neeley

Talia, Zeanka, Nina,

Our baby girls are named Aurora Nicole and Kiara Belle

Well whats your first ones name

My little girl is named Eleanor Ripley

Man some of these names are painful to read hahaha


I have Ada-Rose and Miylah

I like Emma, Bella, Ava, Anastasia, Abby, Riley

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Annika and Adriana !

My girls are Emberleigh and Josefina

Reagan, Penny, Heaven Leigh.

These are what I wanted to name my boys if they were girls.

My girls named Elektra

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I had Bellamy picked out for my 2nd but the baby ended up being a boy.

Judith Myers Wilson was almost my daughters name…her father said no lol

I have rowan, honor and bodhi

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Tatum, Salem, josette, laney, Kerrigan, Esmeralda

Freya, Sloane, Rae’ella

Evelyn, Lucille, Roxanne

I named my daughters Aaliyah Jade and Ariana Rayne if that helps!


Noelia Renéé… Noelia Rose

Nevaeh. I like this spelled the other way mean heaven

Chandler, Easton, Penelope

If i had a girl i was going to name her Lorelei, Temperance or Tristan Marie

Stop with the cute first names! Choose something that is easy to say and spell. How about Mary Jane?

My daughter’s name is Austyn Kali.:heart:

We have Stella and Scarlett. :two_hearts:

Alanna, Alayna, River,

I have. JadeLyn, Brielle, and Amarissa

If i have a girl i wanna name her Amara aurora just love the name

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Anymore the unique names are the old fashion basic names because everyone is making all these different names up. Alot of the names are cute but some are just plain weird. I am thinking about Charlotte or Adalynn. Nothing too crazy. Lol. But I’ve recently heard of the name Zaylee and I like it, seems pretty unique to me.

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I was going to name my girl Jasmine but I changed it to jazlynn

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Amelia, Brianna, my niece named one of her daughters River…, Brooklyn, Brodie, Cassidy

Riverly or riverlin,luna,

Vera. Old school name plus short and simple for when you teach to spell it

I have Arianna

My daughter is zareah Lyric (zar-ee-uh) but anyone that reads it calls her zuh-ray-uh. So if you’re going unique, really contemplate your spelling lol


My name is unique and has many spellings. My daughter is Elizabelle


Cali! I wanted to use it for my last babygirl but went with Charlotte Amberleigh :blush:

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Summer I’ve only heard 1 other person named that

Lyric, Aaliyah, Berkley, Cyrus, Delilah, Emery, Hadley, Jayla, Jossilynn, Kyla, Libby, Makynlee, Novalee, Parker, Quinn, Rayna, Sawyer, Tatum,

Karsyn, Kenndyll, Kenna

Kallahan, Liberty, Journey, Eloise

Brailey, Brylee, Brynlee, Danica, sage, Viola

I have a Violet June and a Natilie (said like Natalie) Elizabeth! I also loved the name Vivian!

Breeanah Cheyenne

Gabrielle , Makeisha, Evie.

We just named our third daughter haleynn (pronounced hey- Lynn)
We also have an Ava and a Lilly

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Fay, Everly, Pearl, Kim, Adeline, Ethel, Silvia

Phaedra, a Greek Godess, albeit a naughty one.

I have Hannah and Jerikah. If I had another her name would of been Ariah

Zoe - breath of God. Taraji - hope. Zuri - good

Anita Andrey Aubrey Naomi Winnie Corinne

A friends neice is called Theas and i know a Thea to