Baby items you like/dislike?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and am starting to buy all the things we need for baby…my question is…what are some things you bought that you didnt relaly use and what are some things you wish you would have bought?


I personally found that a changing table was just a catch all, wipe warmer was pointless, bottle warmer rarely got used, baby bath just took up space. It was easier to use the sink or take my kids in the shower with me. Don’t do sleepers with snaps, only zippers. Baby towels & washcloths are pointless. Just use your normal towels & washcloths. Diaper genie isn’t that convenient either. Fills up too quickly.


You can never have too many burb rags/receiving blankets and onesies. Get simple clothing for easy diaper changes. A million little snaps at 1 am is horrible lol


I never used baby towels, they didn’t really absorb the water. I used regular old towels


I didn’t have anything except a bag of gently used baby clothes, a bassinet, diapers and a car seat.

Western culture forces you to believe that you need to go out and buy all this stuff. Which is mostly just luxury items that will hardly if at all be used. Save your money for as your child grows for more justifiable purchases.


Depending on where you live (we have COLD winters) I swore by the j cole car seat covers.

Swaddles, bassinet, diapers, wipes, onesies and pjs they will throw up all over (so dreft stain remover), binkys as a back up, blankets, and your feeding style essentials (pump with bottles or mom care if breastfeeding). Gripe water is a savior as well.

Most important is unconditional love from mom and dad.


Zip pajamas, onsies, bouncer chair, crib, binkies, swing. I never used the rest of it.


Bottle warmer, Burp rags, receiving blankets, Bottle sterilizer, diaper genie, sleep sacks because they grow out of swaddles by 8 weeks, we have 3 different bassinets and 3 changing stations! I wouldn’t have it any other way because I don’t have to go across the house to use 1. We use all of these all day long! We also bought a ton of clothes and bottles just so we don’t have to wash them multiple times a day.
The useless for us were:
Socks and mits didn’t even fit him until 2 months old! Unless you live somewhere cold then you aren’t supposed to use hats outside of the hospital. The wipe warmer was a nice thing for him especially at night but was too much for us to keep up with. We bought The Shoosher and it never even worked on him once. He also hates pacifiers so we wasted $ on those and the clips for them. The swing and bouncer are useless now because he developed acid reflux. He only liked being swaddled for the first week at home so we wasted so much $ on those :triumph:
Everyone ASSURED US he would 100% need swaddles, mits, pacifiers immediately & for a long time and they were 99% useless to us .

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I have a 3 weeks old and so far Must haves:

  • HALO swaddle sleep sack (lifesaver… easy to use, keeps her snug and warm and I keep her swaddled up through the night feeds and she goes right back to sleep)
  • The baby Brezza formula dispenser is absolutely worth every penny. Makes a bottle in like 2.2 seconds (literally) and I can do it super easy with baby in my arms.
  • I love the Boon Nursh bottles
  • tons of burp rags for sure
    -sleepers with zippers and mits on the hands as well as regular mits (my baby scratches herself awful without them)
    -GAS DROPS!!!

I wish I bought pacifers with my daughter. We wanted her to learn to self soothe – which she did. But she sucked 2 of her fingers. now she’s 3.5 and won’t stop. We’re working on it.

Part of me wonders if I had just given them to her, if us taking the paci would’ve been the end of it all. But idk. I don’t have family or friends with kids to weigh in.

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I’m also 30 weeks :heart::heart::heart:… my absolute favorite so far is the Doona car seat with the built in stroller. It is literally the Cadillac of all car seats! This is my last baby and it’s been 7 yrs since I was pregnant. They have soooo many new stuff out! I’m working on getting the owlet sock as well! (My 2 babies we’re nicu babies more then likely this one will be to.) good luck on your delivery.

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Don’t bother with baby scales! I got one and the baby cried and wiggled all over - impossible! I loved the changing table - very efficient.

Absolute life savers… comfy carrier, a super comfortable rocking chair, a vaporiser for the first little cold and there after, a bassinet or cot that can side car ur bed
These are my could not live withouts …
Congrats on your bebe … exciting :kissing_heart:

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Musts for me were: zip sleepers, swing, pack n play, jumparoo, bottles, binkys, blankets, an infant car seat, and a baby wearing wrap.
Skip: changing table, bassinet, expensive toys, wipe warmer, bottle warmer, baby shoes, glider chairs

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Everyone is going to swear by something different. All my kids have liked different things. My 4month old hates sitting in everything so we wasted a lot of money on stuff. He doesnt even like to be in the baby carrier.
I will say all my kids have wore sleeper sacs and swaddles, and gas drops.


You’ll definitely need sleepers with the reverse zipper. You might want to buy a swaddle, sleep sack, nose Frida, bottle drying rack if you’re bottle feeding, tons of onesies& burp rags. My daughter loved her swing until recently at 3 months- she just wants to sit up now. But some babies love them. Also make sure you get the car seat/stroller combo.

I have loved the mamaroo with baby 2. Didn’t have for baby 1. Hated the vtech baby monitor. Waste of money so we bought the vava monitor. I love this one. Worth the price. We liked the rock n play for baby 1. Never had a bedside bassinet, borrowed one for a month with baby 2 then she went into her crib. Baby 1 was in her crib in a month as well. Didn’t have a dock a tot for baby 1. Wish I would have had one. Baby 2 sleeps all night in it. She loves it. A GOOD PUMP, if you breastfeed. Don’t get a hand me down pump…I made that mistake. Get one with a warranty!!!

Baby swing and a rocker. It took me two hours every night to rock my daughter to sleep listening to classical music. Also, if I found something on sale for an amazing price I would buy the size I needed plus a few more in every other bigger sizes. It really helped with having to buy clothes when she was growing super fast as a toddler. I already had them in the closet

Get a newborn carrier and swaddles

Find swings, bouncers and jumpers on marketplace as they are out of them in a blink.

Absolutely skip the weird baby nests, pillows and bumpers!


Definitely a swing and a baby chair to move them from room to room with you. Only zipper sleepers I found the other ones too hard to change in the night. Baby bath tub I used a lot. A diaper bag that zippers, a good stroller for walks and a light for on the car seat at night time when your traveling to and from in the dark was my most used car item other than the car seat it hooked right to the car seat. Baby phisoderm cream wash prevents eczema, craddle cap and smells wonderful…it is hospital recommended look it up on amazon. A jumparoo was my saving grace at 6months old and a high chair that fits a table chair to save space.

For mine, the basics: bottles, blankets, onesies (long and short sleeved), diapers, baby wash, nail clippers because those nails grow fast! Footsie pjs and burp rags.
I got bottle warmer, wipe warmer, swaddle thing, washcloths and towels at my first baby shower for my first child and never really used them. My son didn’t want pacifier or a swing but my daughter did so I’m getting those for the one I’m currently pregnant with.

I think simple is best- pram, car seat, onesies/clothing, wraps/swaddles, blankets, nappies, wipes, bottles/bottlebrush, insulated baby bottle bag for when you go out places, dummies (just Incase), bibs, facewashers, bouncer chair, playmat for tummy time?
U will get lots of different advice but once ur baby’s born then u will navigate around whats helpful for u and what’s not.
Goodluck :slight_smile:

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These were a waste in my opinion diaper genie, bottle warmer, wipe warmer, changing table.


BABY BREEZA INSTANT WARMER!!! My milk dried up when i went back to work, so we had to formula feed. A friend gave me one and OMG… lifesaver for those late nights or when the baby is screaming and needs a bottle ASAP

Baby bath… I found it so pointless😂 used it like twice and had him in the bath with me instead. Also, a changing table, there’s no need for that kind of space taker, just get a changing mat on the floor.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Baby items you like/dislike?

I just want to elaborate that this should be bay to baby

My two boys were SO DIFFERENT than my first(a girl) my boys don’t care about anything! My first could not get through a diaper change without a wipe warmer. She freaked at cold wipes EVERY time. Every baby is different it’s si freaking hard to know

Always, always… Forget the cut outfits everyday… Have them plain white onesies… Hundreds of them… Cause I swear my kid went through 3 of them a day… Easiest thing to wash stains out of.


Don’t bother with a baby bath!


A mamaroo is a MUST!!! Don’t buy it new but it used and it will totally be worth it :two_hearts:

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Don’t need diaper genie, changing table, wipe warmer…need swing, bassinet/bed bouncer if u use wish I’d have gotten a mamaroo

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I wouldn’t bother with a baby bath or a bottle maker . Both end up not getting used . I recommend lots of baby grows east to put on and you’ll go through lots of them .

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Find a resale store near you for kids!!!

To start: have a couple different types of bottles & pacis to see what baby would like better. I would also just get a bassinet at first because babies can usually stay in the bassinet until 6-8 months, depending on weight. I would also get a swing & a bouncer! Also boxes of diapers & wipes last longer & saves you more $ than individual packs. Don’t go overboard on newborn clothes either. I would probably get 2-3 weeks worth of newborn onesies & sleepers and rotate them! I personally never bought the more expensive cuter outfit sets until around age 6 months because they can wear them longer. My kids also didn’t wear actual shoes until they were in a size 2-3, up until then I just recommend socks. Speaking of which I would buy a TON of socks. Baby socks are so dang small they’re hard not to lose😂 if you plan on formula feeding I also recommend stocking up on a couple cans of formula for your baby because it’s still hard to find certain formulas. And one thing I wish I had bought would’ve been the Doona car seat/stroller! I will definitely be purchasing that if I have any more babies


Bouncer and boppy pillow were my favs


Gripe water was a waste. Mylicon was the heaven sent one


I would totally skip pacifiers, changing table, towels, washcloths, wipe warmer and diaper genie.

Chloe Dobson swaddles with zipper on bottom! I got a pack and play in my trunk supper nice for going to see family

Mom of 4 kids here…
Never used the changing table. Not once. Always on bed. Couch. Or floor.

I never realized how many clothes / burp rags / swaddle blankets I’d use with a newborn- ridiculous amounts.

Diaper genie was used at first but then I started just throwing in a grocery bag and tossing in trash outside.
Never used the wipe warmer or the bottle warmer.
Also- get the pajamas that are open on the bottom- like a sack- because it makes a world of difference at 3am when you change a baby- don’t need to mess with buttons etc.

Didn’t get a wipes warmer due to people saying they dried out the wipes.

We got gifted one about 3 months after our baby was born, and then bought a 2nd for the main level. It’s the best thing ever and keeps our wipes super warm and wet. Wish we had it from day 1.

Loved my boppy. 3nded up hating rhe diaper genie and just put stuff in bags and took right out to the trash outside.

A wrap carrier. I hate all the ones with buckles.

Handsfree breast pump. Needed this so badly had to order later

Two great things to have and use: plain white onsies-all sizes, as many as you can get. These are bleachable and easy to keep stains out of. Flour sack towels! These can be used as cloth diapers, burp rags, light blankets, and many many other uses, and are super cheap.

My son was a huge fan of his jumparoo all kids r different tho . Wipe warmers r a waste of time n space tho n bottle warmer same thing waste of time n space but a rocker for a baby my son still uses his n he is almost 15 months old


My son hates swings, we never used the changing table, and a wipe warmer was a total waste

I loved my wipey warmer because the cold wipes would wake him up in the night when i changed his diaper. Dr browns bottle warmer was a must have because it’s so quick, and always warms the bottle perfectly. Aquifer is a must have for cradle cap, dry skin, and diaper rashes.

Say what you want. I love the butt spatula

buy alllllll the sleepers with zippers !

Didnt use Wipe warmer, or bottle warmer

Every woman is different. I was given and gifted things that many women swore by, but I never ended up using them lol. We were pretty minimal with our stuff.
Diaper genies are great when they’re small. Once they get to size 3 or 4 diaper, the bag fills up really fast lol. Start with the basics and you’ll see what’s needed as you go.

I agree with everyone that says the wipe warmer, bottle warmer, diaper genie, gripe water, & changing table were all not very used. I did however use my Moses basket on my bed and also highly recommend getting the Nuby snot sucker because it’s not gross like the nose Frida. Definitely don’t forget about yourself as well Mama I recommend getting yourself some good nipple balm and also some herbal perineum spray, I ordered both of mine from Amazon and it’s a go-to gift for new Mama’s

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Anything too cutesy that won’t work well on a resume down the road. That’s what nicknames are for.

FP rainforest jumperoo

Wipe warmers were a waste for all my kids and I never used a diaper genie. I just put dirty diapers in a grocery bag after each one, tied it up, and threw it in the trash. Also, sleepers with buttons are cute but the ones with zippers are so much easier. Anything with snaps is harder, especially in the middle of the night. I bought a bunch of one kind of pacifier for my last son because my other 2 kids used the Nuk brand and he didn’t want anything to do with it. Only used the one from the hospital and rarely used it.

My youngest is 9 so take that into consideration. IDK what new things are out there now. My last 2 had a pack n play instead of a crib. It worked better for us. No limbs getting stuck in bars, was easier to move when we did.

Changing tables are useless. It’s easier to make supply baskets through the house in rooms you’re in most often like the living room & your bedroom. Store bought bibs are useless. They pull them off. Instead I used shirts my older child outgrew. They covered baby completely & couldn’t be pulled off. Store bought burp cloths are also useless. I used old cloth diapers with my oldest. When my younger 2 came along I couldn’t find the old fashioned ones. I took a waterproof mattress pad, cut it into strips & used that. Eventually we just grabbed blankets because my daughter spit up a lot. I did like the baby towels. They’re softer & the right size for baby. Plus when baby outgrows them they’re perfect to wrap your hair after a shower. Don’t go spending a lot on baby items. Take hand me downs, buy from garage sales & thrift stores. Ask yourself how long you’ll use an item for. If it’s just a few months skip it.

My changing table is just a spot for clothes we don’t want to put away. Never used it.

Baby carrier!!! So great!

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Three kids here-never once used a changing table or a crib. We coslept & used a pack & play. Do get those disposable diaper bags that go on your diaper bag bc they will have a blow out at the most inconvenient times. I have a diaper pale, rarely used bc I forget abt it. BUY THE SOOTHING MACHINE! Or if you have an iPhone use the one on there. For your home AND car seat! I have a whole drawer of burp clothes that never get used bc ya know, three kids.

All they really need is diapers/wipes/clothes/bottles

Diaper genie
Owlet sock
Are two things we didn’t have with our first but do for our second and we LOVE them.
I wouldn’t use a baby tub we use the angel care one and it’s so much easier we just put it in our farm sink or bath tub then hang it up afterwards, no filling up with water and letting drain out like a normal baby tub.
Convertible carseat it’s for 4lbs-100 we didn’t get our daughter in an out in her baby carrier so we made the switch to convertible. Instead of a changing table we just use a dresser and put the changing pad on top that way the clothes are right there in the drawers. If you’re breast feeding definitely recommend two manual pumps especially if you do a lot of traveling and don’t want to stop and have to let baby nurse a lot.

Change table only use a few times diaper gene a few times I dont thing they are worth it

We never used the crib, diaper genie, or strollers. Instead we used pack n plays, the regular trash can, and the wearable baby carriers. We also never used pacifiers or a changing table.

Muslins were a life saver when breastfeeding! Bought so many more after a week of little man being here, didn’t use baby bath tbh, and my next to me! So much easier than a Moses basket which I got it on my first two as well x

omg more diapers

Pjs w buttons bc why unzip them (esp when it’s chilly)

Had a ton of those velcro swaddler blankets … nvr used them

I actually use bottle warmer still with my 15 month old. So literally one persons holy grail can be useless for someone else lol

Wipe warmers suck because it gets cold the second you take them out lol

Gas drops help.

Those baby chairs My kid 1. Couldn’t fit in them cause he was small lol for a while 2. He didn’t like them till he had a little more better movement

All babies are diff just don’t go crazy buying so much stuff. They’re pretty much eat sleep poop repeat for a good while

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Baby shusher is a must

Bottle warmer, never used it. If it needs warming we’ve always just used hot water in a bowl and usually it needs cooling

Best item was a frame stroller and a wipe container. The “refill packs” are awful. I bought an oxo one on Amazon and love it. My daughter is 17m and I’m considering purchasing one for upstairs too

Wait for your shower don’t go buying everything

Other than that diapers wipes and butt paste and caldesene baby powder works amazing on sore bums.

The only things I used with 8 kids wasa baby swing clothes and a diaper bag

Love my ergobaby carrier, it’s a life saver for getting baby to sleep, some housework done.
Diaper genie was not worth it, but it wasn’t terrible. This kids poop doesn’t stink for some reason yet and he’s 9 months.
I have a bumbo change table, rarely use it :rofl:
I change him everywhere else.
Playpens are great, and some things to place them in so that you may get things done (don’t need until mobile for many of them tho)

can do without the fancy changing table and without bottle warmer, just use a half pot of water on a light boil to put bottle in for a few minutes

Too much clothes…need new ones every 3 months

My must haves that I use all the time is a baby carrier(I have a Tula with an infant insert) super convenient for me as I have an 8 year old son as well and don’t want to be dragging a bucket seat everywhere, my little one is a month old tomorrow! Also Baby brezza bottle sterilizer is the cats ass! I love that thing! Just wash and throw them in! And a Baby swing! Those were my must haves as a second time momma! I use all three everyday!:heart:

When my son was a newborn, having a bassinet/co-sleeper was a life saver. Definitely helped with all those late night feedings. Don’t bother with a baby monitor until baby sleeps through the night in their crib - you won’t use it until then. Swings are optional. Some babies love it and some hate it. My son loved it up until about 4 months and then hated it. I’d say definitely get a bouncy chair with the vibration feature over a swing. Once baby is big enough to sleep in the crib, get a crib aquarium! Baby Einstein makes them. My son, ever since he was about 8 months, falls asleep every night just watching it (he’s 1.5 years old now). I don’t think it’s a MUST have but it’s a “nice to have” item

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Pajamas with buttons are the worst

Baby wipe warmer with light is helpful

A bassinet was an amazing buy. Last time I had a Moses bassi and this pregnancy I just bought one off FB market place. But being able to have it next to the bed and then put it into the nursery is great.

I wouldn’t buy a swing or “activity center/ jumper” until the baby is born and you know you can return them. Both of my kids hated them and I spent hundreds of dollars each time just to try and not be able to return them because I bought them before they were born.

Some peoples kids love them but just the assurance of knowing you can get your money back at least :heart:

Wipe warmer, bottle warmer, I used the changing table for the first everyday but never on the second, burp cloths never, receiving blankets never used, to many “cute dress clothes” between 0-3 months let’s be realistic, shoes under walking age, I’ve had a pack and play for both kids I’ve never used, the “baby activity mat”, the fisher price baby dome, DONT BUY ANY BLANKETS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Everyone will get your kid blankets and it’s ridiculous, I did the diaper genie for the first but not the second I feel like it’s a waste at first but I might buy one for my 10 month old because Im sick of my trash smelling like actual baby poo in my kitchen and I didn’t have that problem with it. Neither of my kids did pacifiers, I did a pack for each one they’re cheap enough but they weren’t interested and I didn’t wanna go down that route anyway.

Cordless breast pump with let down catchers, haakaa silicone pump works good!

Spit rags! Buy all the spit rags. I didn’t have nearly enough with my first but made sure to have it covered with my second.

The wipe warmer was useless. Rub the wipe between your hands, problem solved. The changing table was a storage rack.

This exact portable white noise machine. My 4week old daughter uses it in the stroller and at night by her bassinet. Instantly sleepy

Wipe warmer!!! All three of mine HATED cold wipes on their bottom, to the point I would have to warm the wipes in my hand if we were out and about.

The diaper genie was a waste of money.

I didn’t like the diaper genie. Lol

Baby swing! If you’re having a hard time getting the baby to sleep or need to get something done you can lay the baby down😊

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I didn’t use any burp clothes .

A changing table… Theres absolutely no need for it. You can change your baby on your lap. The floor tge couch. Wherever.

After so many I learned the less is better, simple and cheap because nothing lasts forever, high chair the cheap one from ikea is the best so easy to clean and doesn’t hurt to get rid of after, no change table any spot you can find will do, definitely don’t buy anything with buttons or zippers, newborn diapers you change none stop, save yourself

Toys for very young babies, they don’t use them. Change table is good, so is cot.

Didn’t use the waiver warmer, diaper genie, changing table, don’t get footed pajamas with buttons

I got an oversized chair and ottoman for the nursery. I loved it. Used it for feedings at night and to change her. I did use the bottle warmer. And always get the pajamas with zippers or two pieces. It’s too much of a hassle to button every time. Bouncy chair and swing. But depends on the kid. My oldest loved the bouncy chair, my middle liked the swing, the youngest didn’t like either.

I 100% recommend a metal ubbi diaper pail !! Ya they fill up fast but that’s because babies need changing alot! Unless you want your whole kitchen/ room to smell like baby poop, get it!! I love mine and my house doesnt smell like a toilet!

  • a baby chair rocker is a must (its nice to bring places so they have a safe place to sit as well)
  • a baby swing is a must
  • and a baby play area with dangly things above them is nice too! Both my girls love/ loved all these things.
  • snap n go stroller is easy quick and small for traveling !
    -And a baby backpack to hold them on your chest during the day is a must! Try and find one that is multi use … face in face out on chest and or back !
  • last but not least a sound Rain machine for sleepy time
    :raised_hands:t3: congrats
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