Baby keeps spitting out pacifier...advice?

Baby loves sucking on a paci but can’t keep it in his mouth very long. Any specific paci you have found to help your baby with this? He likes the philips avent ones and seems to like the itsy ritzy rubber ones?


May be the size, they do come by the age. Or could be teething?

Is he getting upset when it falls out because he has a hard time keeping it in, or is he fine without it?


Could be oral ties. I’ve had two kiddos now with anterior tongue ties and neither could keep a pacifier in their mouth because of it. Worth getting checked out by a pediatric dentist that specializes in ties, a lot of pediatricians aren’t too well versed in them so they can easily be missed by them.

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You night need to find one with a longer nib. Are you sure you’re using the right age ?

We had success with Wubbanubs - they give a slight amount of weight to the pacifiers that help keep them in place.

maybe does not want anymore if spits it out

Maybe try one with a different shape.

Why force him to take it.

My son never really liked a pacifier but my daughter loved and would only use the green ones the hospital sends home

Throw it away. Not wanted or needed


My son spit it out when he didn’t want it anymore. Weaned himself

Maybe check to make sure there’s no sore spots in baby’s mouth didn’t mention age?

idk could be the size, but if they keep spitting out, I’d just leave it be and soothe baby a different way if needed


Tommie Tippee pacifiers are great. My daughter spit them all out except for them

Nuk rubber pacifiers my kids were all breastfed and won’t take anything else Amazon has the 6-18 months but the tiny baby ones come from eBay they don’t even sell the ones I like in the stores anymore guess there oldschool

Dont get those flat ones they cannot get a good grip on them get cherry tops boots or drug stores do them

RazBaby & Softees by Nuby

Maybe don’t give one at all. My Baby doesn’t keep one in for long so I don’t give it to him. Whereas my daughter wouldn’t spit her dummy and so I’d give her the dummy