Baby name ideas?

I’m a first time mom to be and having my baby in 4-3 weeks and I’m having a really hard time trying to come up with names! Plus I don’t know what I’m having… so it would be nice if you any of you would suggest baby boy/girl names! doesn’t really matter what type of names just need suggestions! Pls n thank you!!!


Raquel Sebastian Harley

Google unisex baby names

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Maddox, Grace, Livy, Sarah, Javon, Jax, Que, Quinn

Gracie Mae…Elizabeth Grace…Jarid James…Cole Michael?? Good luck🙂

Sebastian. Christian. Josiah. Noah. Maddox. Rhett. Chance. Sterling.

Sarah. Journey. Jewel. Treasure. Samara. Ketura. Sophia. Grace. Heaven. Hannah. Skye. Georgia. Destiny. Everleigh. Rachel.

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Olivia, Delilah, Emberly.

Brantley, Julian.

Girl : Lacy Grace
Boy: Vincent Vaughn

This sounds silly but i like looking at all the names in the credits after i watch a movie lol maybe that could help… watch one of your favorite movies and look through the names on the credits


I miscarried my first and was going to name him or her Eli or scarlet

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Named my 2 week old Celine

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Noreen. Jodie , Jennie, jeneen, Eileen,

I love biblical names.


I have an Ellianna Filene and a Luna Maeve.

Boy’s=John, Daniel, Elijah , Eric… Girls= Crystal, Elisabeth, Abby, April ,Jennifer, Katie …

I really wanted my second daughters name to be ivy eve. But I picked out our first daughters name. So he picked our second.We both agreed of course but I’m still stuck on ivy eve.

Write down all the names you like and when you see your baby you’ll no what its name is

My daughter’s are Josie & Jada, i have a niece, Gia :hugs: (if you have a girl i dont suggest using all 3 names together. ) I don’t know what we were thinking :sweat_smile:

Peyton , Taylor , Vince , Cory, you will know when you see the baby :two_hearts:

I knew I was having a girl at 20 weeks. Didn’t have a name for her until she was a few hours old (after I came down off the meds of course)
Natalie Rose is her name.
Sometimes mamas just know

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Serona, Keturah, Tioni, Carter, Kieffer, Grandom, Grant , Sophia, Caidon , Elijah

My husband and I narrowed our list down to 16 names (8 each, ranked in order from fav to least) and then created a single elimination bracket. We went head to head with two names each week until we had 4 names left. We ended up picking one before she is born but that worked really well for us.

We’re naming our daughter Cadence. My husband and I saw it online and we both kinda stopped and we’re like hmmm I kinda like that. We we’re going between Aria, Cadence, and Emily. We dropped Aria pretty quick and picked Cadence as the final choice. She’s due on the 25th of this month

What nicknames will come of it, how will it be slaughtered & how will great grandma pronounce it…


Carter. Callan. Liam. Jackson. Tristan.

Olivia. Mia. Kaitlyn. Leah.

Tamsin, Thomas, Michael, Renee

Caleb, Carson, Colton, Cooper, Carley, Kennedy, Kaitlyn, Keegan, Kiley,
Naomi, Vanessa, Stella, Norah, Hudson, Reed, Harrison,

I didn’t name my son until the day I left the hospital… you will know when you see your baby!!! Best of luck :heart:

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My son’s names are kearis mason.elijah evan.Randy felix. Camerin nicholas.bryan lee. My daughter’s names are arieal ashlie.tessa shea.sheena marie.samantha marie.amanda kay. Emaliese mckena.keara Ali. Hope this helps

Kendall leigh, Brooklyn lynn


I was wishing I was having another girl I love the name Astrid and Lorilei, but I’m having a boy and his name is going to be Sebastian. We also thought about Ezekiel and Lorenzo. But good luck!

Ariella and Addallee for a girl… Riley or Jaxon for a boy

For a boy, it’s between Levi & Kaiden & for a girl it’s Olivia

I like for girl , Elizabeth and Isabella , for boy I like, Matthew and Jonathan

What is your heritage? Look up names from that country/countries & find ones you like. For example: Ardwynn, Sven, Mihoko, Constantine, Angelique, Padraic, Donatella, Hassan, Yael, Mikhail, Paloma, Haakon, Kiri, Kwame, Mei, Kadir, Nampeyo, etc.

We just had our baby. We named him Killian Cole. If he were a girl he would have been Alice. We also have a Wyatt and an Annabelle


All names we used or considered. Good Luck!

If born in August - Leo or Augie for a boy and Leoni or Augustina for a girl

Maybe you will just know what baby’s name will be when you see him/her <3

Christian or Christiana

Cheyenne for girl
Hayden for boy

Boy: Landon. Dawson. Carter. Scott. Gage. Colton. Austin. Jedidiah. Jeremiah.

Girl: Hayley. Dakota. Peyton. Chantel.

Our daughter’s name is Emryn. We have another little girl on the way, her name will be Brynlee.
If it was a boy we were doing either Harrison or Hunter.

I love the name Jazzlyn and Oakley Ross