Baby name ideas?

Good A names for a girl?! My daughters name is Adeline and I’m pregnant with my second! Wanting them to both have A names!


I love the name Adelaide

My girl due in a few weeks is Abigayle Reese :heart:

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Anisten, Addisyn, Ava, Aribella, Arika, Arianna

Aubrey, Amelia, Abigail, Ava

My daughter is Avery Rose

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Adelaide, Avery, Ava, Ayda, Alex, Allie, Annie, Anna, Anastasia, Alexandra, Alexa, Amelia, Allison, Abigail

I’ve always loved the name Aria

My daughters name is Analise. But could spell it Anneliese

Amiyah is my daughters name

My daughter’s name is Alannah Marie. My others is Abigail.

Our daughter is Abigail Rae

Annalise, Ava, Alicia, Alivia, Ansley

I’m naming my 3rd daughter “Alice”

My daughter is Alice. :two_hearts:

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My daughter is named Aalaiyah Renee

Ambria Alysse Alyssia Akiyah Amie Amelia Amara Ally Aria

Angel ,Angelina,Angela


Amelia has always been a favorite of mine

We have a Aubreanna and Airabella

Annaliese is my daughters middle name

My daughter’s name is Ava Elizabeth :sparkling_heart:

I have 3 girls
I also liked Armani and Aniyah

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Allura is what I named mine

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Avery, Autumn, Alida, Ava, Alanna, Alayna, Aurora

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I love the name Antoinette!!

Alexandra, Angelina, Arianna, Anette

My two daughters are Aliyah and Adrina :relaxed:

Lol my mom did that and there 4 of us

We are Ashlee & Andrew and our kids are Andrea, Ava and AJ… :smiley: Ax5

Arabella is one of my favorites


My daughter is Aubree

Addison (My granddaughter’s name is spelled Addisyn and we call her Addi. I think it is so classy.)

Ava, Anna, Annette, Amy

My three beautiful grand daughters are named - Amelia, Aylaè ( A-La) , Amayà ( A- my-a)

Youngest granddaughter is Aria Jae

My daughter is Abigail Ann

Amy, Aerial, Ashley,Ashleigh,Ashlynn

My daughters name is adeline… We also like the names… Abigail annabelle arabella. Ashton. Alise. Amera

Aleyah. Addison. Ansley. Amelia. Anniston

I have an Ashley, and granddaughters are Adelyn, Abigail, Annalise

My youngest girl is Alyssa. But let me say this…if you have another baby down the road, it’s much harder to agree on a same letter first name. My first two girls are Madeline and MaKenna. When we found out we were pregnant with baby girl #3, there wasn’t a single name their dad and I could agree on

We are going with a names too. My daughter is Aubrey Jane and I’m 12 weeks with my second so I don’t know yet what we are having but have been brainstorming A names for boy and girl.

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Ansley, Annalise, Amelia

Alena. Pronounced A-lyn-a

Ashlynn, Aisley, Arbor

I really like the name Allie, I know it’s simple for all the new names we have coming out now. I think it’s short sweet and cute


Sioban is a pretty name that isnt too common. Pronounces Shubon

My daughter is Ada Jane!

Look up Greek mythology names for girls… they are the best and most unique

Alannah, Aaliyah, Abigail, Alivia

Audrey. Aria. Aubrey. Alaina.

Aliyah, Amanda, Ashley

Austin, Ashton, Alexa, Ashley

I named my daughter Alaura

Aryadne (ari-od-neigh)

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Amelia, Audra, Audrey, Andrea, Aura, Anika, Anouk, Anastasia, Amberleigh, Aubree, Amaiah, Ada, Anya,

Allie Addison Aubrey Audrey audrianna audrina Alina Andie Aurora Adrienne Arabella aubrielle alexis Alexa

Arabella, Alise,Alyssa, Amberlyn.

Just named my little girl Alice

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I have an Alexandria Jane and we call her AJ!

My daughters name is amelia


My daughter is named Alyssa

My daughter’s name is Avery Grace :purple_heart:

Aubrie Jane is my oldest daughter’s name… but Ariah Rose is a pretty name also

I always thought Amelia was a cute name :heart_eyes:

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America, Ariel, Avery, Annabelle, aria,

Ava, Alaina, Aivina, Avery, Abby,

Arianna, Aubrey, Abigail, aria, Autumn, Ashli, Ariel, Alanna, Avery, Ava, Amelia, Angelina,

Arielle… I love my name! Lol

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My daughter’s name is Abby ,but I think Amelia because you could call her Amy. I am assuming of course you call your other daughter Addy ?

Alice or Alyce ( spelled like mine lol )

Adriana ,Alexandria are mine.

Anastasia, annalynn, audrianna, annmarie, aubriella, amelia, abigail, Artemis,

Amanda or Amelia are nice

My daughter is aurora but we call her Rory

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I’m naming this one allison jean

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Aria, Ariel, I’ve ALWAYS loved Taryn i know its not a A name but one of my favs!

I wanted Avia for my daughter and didn’t end up using it

Our daughter’s name is Alexie! We also liked Alexia, Aria, Ava, Amelia!

Ava, Amelia, Adrian,Adrianna, Annabelle,Aubree, Aaliyah, Ashlyn,Alexa, Alexis Audrey, Audrianna, Allison,

Amy and Addy are not to close that it would be confusing but they have a nice contrast together and Adeline and Amelia also seeing have nice contrast and also I think they are both like old names

Ashlynn,Aubrielle, Aurora

Amoura was at the top of my list.

My daughter is Aiyana

My kiddos names are A names. Only have one daughter though. Her name is Amani

Alexis, Alexa, Adriana, Arianna,

Anzley was my absolute favorite for a long time

Good for you I did to lol beginning of alphabet 40 some years ago I named my children Amy and Angela and if one would of been a boy would of been Adam

Audrey, ashlynn, Amiyah, Aria, Ariana, Adrienne

My favorite A name is Andria! That’s my daughter’s name!

Arya, Aisley, Aaliyah

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Abigail, Aletha, Amanda

Adeline is my daughter’s name too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::blush:

Allison, Autumn, Audrey, Abgail, Arianna, Arabelle, Arabella,

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We have an Abigail, Allie, and Ava

I have an Annabella. Call her Annie for short.