Baby name ideas?

I’m due within the next few weeks with my 5th baby (second boy) and for the life of me I can NOT figure out a middle name!! I know I want TWO middle names for him as my other son has 2 middle names also!!! So I need help with figuring out 2 middle names that go with Lincoln!?? Help a momma out PLEASE :weary:


Lincoln Isaiah maxwell


Lincoln hunter Matthew

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All of my kiddos have 3 names…
-Logan Thomas Hix Payne
-Carter Eldridge Sam Payne
-Olivia Grace Kay Payne

Lincoln Alexander James


Lincoln Austin Jayce
Lincoln Isaiah Jayce

It also would be helpful to take in to account his last name. I always wanted to name my son Wayne (my dads name is Wayne, and I was his last hope for a boy… hence my name! Lol) but when I married my husband I quickly realized that I couldn’t do that :woman_facepalming:t2: Wayne Payne. I wouldn’t do that to a kid!! Lol


Lincoln Ethan James
Lincoln Seth Bryant
Lincoln Brock Nathan

Ahhh! My sons name is Lincoln.

Do Lincoln James(?) Alexander
Definitely Alexander.

Lincoln Freedom Reign

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Lincoln James Michael


We plan on naming ours Lincoln James

My son’s middle name is Jordyn Allen

Lincoln Marshall Elliott

My son’s middle names’s are Benjamin James

Lincoln Malachi elijiah

Lincoln Todd Marshall

Just named our new little boy Lincoln Alexander :heart_eyes: maybe Lincoln Alexander Lee?


Lincoln Alexander Lee, Lincoln Abraham James, Lincoln Lee Davis or David, Lincoln Kenneth Alexander…

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My son’s middle name is Elliott

Lincoln Elliott James


Mine is Linkoln Joseph! It’s a great name

What’s the last name?

Lincoln anthony ren. Took the last part of karen.:joy:

Lincoln Gage Alexander

Lincoln Taylor James.


Lincoln Marshall wade


I liked River, Weylan (means wolf) , Zander or Alexander, but sadly im having a girl lol.

Lincoln Eli James , i like the one Nicole Memphis said also lol

Lincoln Anthony James

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Lincoln Jameson Alexander

We used the initial of my maiden name and then a middle name, how about James, sounds nice with Lincoln.

Lincoln Corsair Cruise

Lincoln Elliot Connor

Lincoln Micheal James. My son has two middle names as well. His is Steven Cory Drake

some people give their kids their maiden name for a middle name.

Lincoln Alexander James


-Lincoln James Ryan (or the other way around)
-Lincoln Nicholas parker
-Lincoln James Conner (or Conner James)
-Lincoln Oliver Jackson
-Lincoln Liam Jason

Lincoln Tate
Lincoln Nate
Lincoln Memphis
Lincoln Dean

Lincoln Wayne John Payne

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Give him the same middle names as the first boy?

Lincoln Andrew Pierce, Lincoln Michael Lee, Lincoln Thomas Ray

Lincoln Andrew Thomas. That was the first names that came to me when I read your post

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Lincoln Allen Rain
Lincoln Smith Wesson

Lincoln Aiden James. Lincoln David Allan

Any names of loved ones??

I want my son to have my dad’s middle name

Lincoln Michael rhymes

Lincoln Alexander James

I have a Lincoln Thomas, not sure what I’d add for a third name in there

Lincoln Michael Alexander


Lincoln David James

Lincoln Spenser Reed, Lincoln Jaxon Levi, Lincoln Chandler Jude,Lincoln Remington Alexander, Lincoln Micah Shane.

Lincoln Anthony Cameron

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Lincoln hunter Michael, Lincoln James Michael, Lincoln john Daniel,Lincoln Bradley scott

Don’t name your child Lincoln


Scott is always a safe bet

Lincoln Lucas Taylor… Lincoln Micheal Wayne.

My son has two middle names . Greyson David James

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Lincoln James Tyler, Lincoln Tobias Knox

Lincoln Jefferson (your maiden name or name of another loved one), Lincoln Forest Andrew

Lincoln James Scott
Lincoln Alan James
Lincoln Alexander Scott

Really depends on your last name etc. My one sons middle names are the same as his dad’s two middle names which was after his grandfathers so we have James Clark for middle names. Good luck! Try shouting out different options so you know if you have to give him heck it’s easy to shout… lol.

Lincoln oscar james
Lincoln Jackson lee
Lincoln Thomas scott

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Use your last name of your parents or his parents.


My nephew is grayson Finley James

Lincoln Lloyd Cooper

Lincoln Brycen Cole, Lincoln Blake Eli, Lincoln Carter Lee

Lincoln Lewis Archie ?

Lincoln Kayden Christopher

Use relative names, maybe? Like grandpas

Lincoln Michael Alexander

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what is your husbands middle name? or the middle name of your dad, or brother?

Lincoln Eli James, Lincoln Noah Scott, Lincoln Ryan Sean

Lincoln Everett Dean.
Lincoln Alexander Ryan.
Lincoln Elliot Dean.
Lincoln Alexander Clay.
Lincoln Everett Clay.
Lincoln Oliver Scott.

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How can it be a middle name if there’s two of them?

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Lincoln Alexander James??

Lincoln Clay Maverick

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Lincoln Eli Dean
Lincoln Rowan James
Lincoln Jeremy Dean
Lincoln Alexander Seth

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Lincoln Everett James
Lincoln Emerson Lee

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My boys are Parker Lee, Hayden Andrew, Canaan Gaines, and Asher Creed.

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Lincoln Wyatt Ray
Lincoln Eli Lee

Lincoln Matthew Cole

My boys are
Austin William Felix
Rylan Warren David

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Lincoln Andrew Grant, lincoln Randolph Graham

Lincoln Timothy Parker


Elliott, Blaize, Thomas, Marcus, Edward, Ryan, Gabriel, Matthew

Everett Monroe Joseph

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Lincoln Hayden douglas

Use the same middle names of your other son JUST reverse them

Lincoln Carson Michael

Lincoln miles preston


Abraham Joseph, Henry Clay, John Lee, Lee Parker

Lincoln Lamar Lorenzo

Lincoln James Ray
Lincoln John Cade
Lincoln Tanner John
Lincoln Lee Scott
Lincoln John Carson
Lincoln Briar James
Lincoln Avery Scott
Lincoln Duke Cade
Lincoln Will Dade
Lincoln Cesear John
Lincoln Lysander Scott
Lincoln Sam Paul
Lincoln Alistair West
Lincoln Jacob Cade
Lincoln Ace James
Lincoln Tyler Jace

Lincoln James Cameron

Lincoln Fitzgerald John



Lincoln Alexander Lee

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James Abraham
George Abraham

Lincoln Sawyer Clark
Lincoln James Stone

Lincoln James Rhys (Reese)