Baby name ideas?

What name sounds better?


Which one is more unique?

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I prefer Layla but Skyler is probably more unusual


Skyler is getting quite popular.

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SKYLAR :heart_eyes: that’s my daughters name :two_hearts:

I named my daughter ryder so I love different names

My boyfriends friend// coworker daughters name is Layla and I think it is SO cute! I hear Skylar way too much

Layla. But that’s my daughters name❤️

Skyler sounds more unique to me. I’ve quite a few Laylas

Skyler. none are really unique though. But i think skyler is prettier.

My sons name is Skyler, it’s originally a boys name “Schuyler.” I think Layla is more unique as there are many people naming their daughters Skylar/Skyler.

I personally prefer Skylar. Layla reminds me to much of the Eric Clapton song

Both are pretty common my daughters father wanted to name her Skyla. I loved that name but I have a brother named Skyler so we went with a different name.

Honestly they are both beautiful names and whatever name suits her best when you see her but trying to go the “unique names way “ a lot of the so called unique names are getting to be to popular now and it’s an on going thing threw out generations so I kinda went with older style names my daughters name is Jade Delilah and my sons name is Emmit Sidney with my daughter when we were picking names out we both loved the name Jade for a middle name and at the time every one who was having kids being a girl used the middle name Jade so we eventually decided on useing Jade as a first name instead and just kinda agreed on her middle name Delilah after I had her and the nurse asked us what her full name was and my boyfriend said Jade Delilah and I just went with it cause it’s sound so pretty and not used much . In the end as long as your happy with it and you think it will work. It’s so hard picking names for babies. you never know who you truly dislike for helping pick baby names till you ask everyone else’s opinions. Hahaha :purple_heart: good luck momma.

What about the name Skyla?

What about something more unique ? Like Leilani , Avery, Wyatt…

Layla is not very unique. I work at a school and we have several Layla’s

Layla is common but Lyla isnt :slight_smile:

My daughter’s name is Layla. :orange_heart: Such a beautiful name.

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My daughters name is Leilah pronounced Layla. When I chose it back in 2008 it was pretty uncommon and i liked that.

Layla-girl and Skyler-boy

Layla will age better imo but popular so…

Layla is so pretty, never been a fan of Skyler. It’s your baby though. Name her what you like. We kept names secret so we wouldn’t have to hear people’s opinions.

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I have a step daughter named Layla Rose