Baby name ideas?

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I will find out what I’m having Wednesday. Me and my SO have a boy name already picked out but we can’t seem to agree or figure out a name we really like. Any help on girl names are helpful!!



One of my daughters names is Gracelynn. She’s got a lot of compliments on it and my other is cambree

My daughters names darcie-ann and layla-may I really love josie, maddie, evie, violet, dotty

good luck momma I’m 14 weeks with # 4. I have a girl name that if had since my 1st boy but I’m having a hard time with a boy name

Jayden Grace is a name I have always loved but didn’t get to use

Millie, Starlet, Avalon, Ava, Violet, Vioxon.


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My daughters are Autumn Marie and Emma Grace…its hard picking names :thinking:

Marley or Marleigh Reign :heart:

Maribel,Emilia,Isla, Reece

My first is Christina. Had a hard time with her learning to spell it. So 10 years later i had the second. I named her Renee. She o nly had to learn 3 different letters in her first name

Madelynn, Evelynn, Isabella, Sophia as first names. Grace, Faith, and Hope are beautiful middle names.


Hasley Marie , Hadley Ann


Put names in a hat and pick.Or go through a baby name list you will agree on something.

I have a boy on the way also, but if I was going to have a girl I had the name Ryli Cal picked out .

Blake, Sidney, Taylor, Logan

I have an Adelyn and a Kora

That’s a personal decision.

ViAnne, Arlene, Brina

Emerson Rose, lsabella Grace, Sophia Faith, Paisley River, Kylie Olivia, Lacey Moriah,Avery Justine, Dallas Blake.

Margot is a name id name my girl if i could have another :slight_smile: or Maude

Can you help guide the suggestions by saying what your top pick is for a girl and your SO’s top pick?

Aemillia Isabella is my first daughters name.
I’m 25 weeks with my second daughter
So far weve picked seraphina jade

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My daughter’s name is Savannah!

You won’t till probably time to sign the birth certificate

I like Tessa (middle name family one)

Makalya, Brianna , Amy, Stacy , shelby, Beth, Grace , Jill, Hanna, Beverly , Lori, Laurie , Kimberly , Kaycee, Melissa, Maggie, Roberta , robyn, Gabriella , Gabby ,

My granddaughters name is Oaklee

A name that you don’t hear very often was my grandmother’s name Ora

My baby girl is Nalani Rae :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

My daughters name is:
Lacie Emelia Rose :rose:

My baby girl is Sienna Raine. I loved Gabriella though but my bf had a relative with that name.

Kallie, Kenndyll Rose, Lydia, Libby, Madison Claire

I have a Kenna and a Kalli

We named our little girl Shaylin.

My girls are Jayde and Jolene

My girls are Jordyn and McKenna.
Also like Adalynn.

My girls were DeEtte Ann, Angela Marie, Crystal Marquee’. Lol

If I had a girl, she would have been Autumn Sienna. I also like Elyssa Nadine

Charlotte Jo (Charli Jo)

My favs are Brooke, Harper or paisley

I have 3 sons
But the names I loved when I was pregnant where
Lacy ShaVon
Charlotte call her Charlie
Veronica calk her Roni
Sorry cant remember others

Jessi :smirk:

My grandmother’s name was Veona Grace. It was very common in Sweden in the 30’s, the name Veona. She went by Vicki most of her life though.

Everly grace, Emme rose, kaleigh ann.

My daughters are Carly Kay and Ava Leigh…it was tough choosing the girls’ names…I picked out my sons the first couple days after we found out we were having a boy

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I made up my daughters names… and my 1 yr old is named after my grandma who passed the same yr I gave birth… I have a vitani marinella brytzana rosalena

Savannah Rose, Carlee Jolynn, Abigail Claire, Kyla Grace

I have a little girl named Charlie

Me and my s/o chose the name summer for our daughter but we also had the name Macey picked out