Baby name ideas?

I’m a little stuck on a name for my second daughter.
My dad gave me my two middle names, Rennae and Leanne.
I gave my first daughter Rennae for her middle name…and this one will have Leanne for hers.

My SO’s last name starts with an “L” (and has two syllables), so I’m not trying to to give her a full name of "L"s…but I’m just so stuck on a first name.
My SO wants to name her Raven…but I’m not 100% sure on it yet.


Raven Leanne sounds pretty


What is his last name

I like raven but it’s all got to flow

Malani, Braelyn, Makenna

Raven I like that sounds pretty

I like Raven Leanne :blush:

Raven Leanne has a great flow to it.

My daughters middle name is Rayleene…

Ireland, Scarlett, Harlow, Harper

kyla , kara , sienna, sophie x

We both have Viking blood, so we decided if we end up with a girl next, she will have a Nordic name

My daughter is Destiny Leanne

My youngest daughter is Romanie (pronounced Rome ann ee) I think that would sound nice with Leanne.
My eldest daughter is Havana which I also think goes well to. I hope you find the perfect name:)

My daughter is Tia Leann and her cousin is Tandra LeAnn

I like Raven Leanne or maybe Rema Leanne - - someone already suggested Rema and I wanted to 2nd it :slight_smile:

Drusella (Dru for short)

Raven is cute and Rae for short


Ava Leanne
Skyla Leanne
Camilla Leanne

I love Jazlynn Leanne, jazzy for short

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Raven Leanne is pretty

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Love Raven! That would be cute.

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That sounds good! My oldest nieces name is Raevin!

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You chose the middle name so let dad choose the first. Raven Leanne is cute btw


Jane Leanne
Mariah Leanne
Cassidy Leanne
Gabbie Leanne
Savannah Leanne
Riley Leanne

Jocelyn Leanne
Alaina Leanne
Riley Leanne
Raine Leanne

My godmothers name is leanne so i always thought of naming my next girl hailey anne so it has her name in the first and middle

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You could even make her first name leigh and middle anne

Please no raven. Rachelle Leanne

Kenndyll Leanne, Aubrey Leanne, Berkley Leanne, Payton Leanne, Kinsley Leanne, Jada Leanne, Madelyn Leanne, Grace Leanne

I like Raven, or Jessica Leanne

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Love Raven Leanne beautiful


We’re naming our daughter Cadence. I’m bias, but it’s a cute name lol

Audrey Leanne, Casey Leanne, Harper Leanne, Jenna Leanne, Leighton Leanne, Lennox Leanne, Lorelei Leanne, Madelyn Leanne, Meredith Leanne, Mackenzie Leanne, Verity Leanne, Vada Leanne, Zoey Leanne, Piper Leanne, Serah Leanne…

My names Vanessa Leeann :woman_shrugging:t2:

I love the name Raven …unique

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Please name your child what you want to. I listened to others and although her name is pretty it wasn’t what I wanted. So you do what you want either way she be a beautiful person

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My daughter is Annabelle Leann

nsme the baby what you want too,not what someone said or asked you too… the child is yours

Raven flows nicely with Leanne.

Raven. Sage. Kiah. Jewel. Payton. Cassidy, Cadence. Logan. Riley. Tylah.

I like Raven and Audrey

Please no raven. Rachelle Leanne


My cousins name is destiney LeeAnn Grace and if I had a second daughter her name would have been Ryleigh Leeanne