Baby name ideas?

Can I do a name poll?

Journey or genesis

I can’t decide on which name. And I need middle names for both gender please. Thank you


Genesis. always loved it.

Awe I like them both!

Our oldest daughters name is Journey :heart:

Journey Marie.

Journey Alexander.

Well I may be biased but I love the name Genesis as that is my little girls name

Zane for a boy
Alexanda for a girl
I think those would suit either of the first names you picked :woman_shrugging:

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I love both pf those bands but Journey I think makes a better name and what a journey thos little one is going through

I have a niece that’s named Jerney Hope.

Journee River, Paisley, Amberlyn Ivy, Everly, Sierra, Skye, Sloane, Seth, Maverick Levi, Zander, Jamison, Morgan, Chase, Spencer, Noah, Gabriel, Barron, Emerson, Cameron,Colton.

Journey May or Genesis Jo