Baby registry ideas?

best items to put on a registry?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Baby registry ideas?

Diapers , wipes , bottles, socks, burp clothes

A hamper for dirty clothes, dirt diaper hamper, baby sheets, burping pads, a pad to put under the sheet to keep the mattress fresh, no newborn disposable diapers. Mother will only use 1 pkg. 2 packages of baby tee shirts. 3-5 baby creepers. Baby’s can really get messy. The baby grows too fast. A zip bunting for cold nights, 1 large baby blanket 3 or more baby blankets. 1 bottle warmer, a 2 cup measuring cup to measure water. 1 water Pur purifier for baby’s formula. I still use mine for my cooking, coffee or tea. Food tastes better. Water taste better to drink, 1-3 baby towels, about 5 baby wash clothes. I prefer cleaning the baby’s bottom with a wash cloth and some baby soap on it. My kids had few diaper rash. Baby toiletries; ie baby soap, baby lotion
Baby brush. Babies love to have their scalps massaged. It’s getting late and my wrist is beginning to hurt. Maybe a few can get together and buy a stroller, or a good car seat.:heart: Congratulations to the mother and father. I’ll bet they’ll make a beautiful baby.

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Diapers + wipes (if you have a specific brand you want to use especially)

Bottles (I’d do some research and pick a few brands to put on in case baby favors one over the other)

Medicine (infant Tylenol, a few types of thermometers, diaper rash creams, etc)

Gerber Reusable folded cloth diapers (these work so much as burp cloths than actual burp cloths)

Sleepsacks / swaddles (if you want to use a swaddle while baby is a newborn)

Baby monitor

Infant Car seat (travel system wouldn’t hurt + that’d come w/ a stroller too)

Breastfeeding supplies if you plan to BF (nipple cream, BM bags, Haakaa, pump, nursing pads, nursing cover if you’d like to cover up)

Socks, white shirt sleeve onesies, white long sleeve onesies - other clothes you absolutely want

Safe place for baby to sleep (crib + crib mattress, bassinet, etc)

Diaper bag

Swaddles, my first baby didn’t like swaddles. My second absolutely loved swaddles

Doesn’t matter, nobody is gonna buy from it :rofl:

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