Baby shower game ideas?

Hey everyone. I’m planning my best friends baby shower. It’s a Diaper shower as she’s having her second girl! They are roughly 4.5 years apart once she has the new baby. I need some baby shower game ideas. Guys and girls are coming to celebrate. Any ideas?


Have the dad, uncles, grandpas put a blown up ballon under their shirts. Have them sit down and untie their shoes. Then at the same time have them race to tie their shoes with a “pregnant belly”. Fastest person to tie both shoes and not pop the ballon wins!

*Word scrambler(things that relate to a baby) you can google the work sheet to print out

*guessing baby food

*see who can dress a doll the correct way and the fastest

*who know mom the best

*who know dad the best (get him/ her) to answer questions about himself the family and friends should know) the one with most correct answers win

Fill diapers with melted chocolate bars (looks like a dirty diaper) and have people guess the chocolate. :joy:


I did a baby bottle chug for the guys. Just fill partly with water or beer and get some bottles from the dollar store. Make sure to poke the nipple holes a little bigger because they are super hard to get anything out of.

Everyone thought that was hysterical.


Put different chocalate bar on diapers…

Melt chocolate bars in diapers!

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Baby food test. We did a paper that said like what you wish for the baby and what you want them to know

Use string to represent the girth of the pregnant mom. The closest, wins. Take the labels off baby food jars and let everyone guess what is in each jar. Number the jars.

Our little babies in cups and have them melt them first won to yell out my water just broke wins the prize

I forgot what the game was called but you put a small pack of safety pins in a big bowl of rice. Sit the person on a chair blind fold them give them 1 min to collect as many safety pins as they can from the bowl of rice. Believe me extremely hard but definitely loads of fun.

Melt candy bars into newborn diapers and make them guess which diaper is which candy.

I have three kids and I have never heard the term diaper shower for a second baby but anyway why not do a baby-q sense it’s men and woman. I suggest having a diaper raffle that way she gets a bunch of diapers. You could also do the “baby” game where each person has a clothes pin and if someone says the word baby they can take that persons clothes pin and whoever has the most clothes pins at the end of the shower wins. You could also do the “guess the baby food” food game where you have people try different baby foods and they have to guess what they are. I also saw a game on Facebook that looked fun it was called “diaper pong” where you pinned a bunch of diapers to a board and had to throw ping pong balls and try and get them inside the diaper.

Pin the sperm on the egg. Small plastic babies frozen in ice cubes, everyone gets one, first one to melt completely yells, “my water broke”.
Who can change a diaper the fastest, with oven mitts on, (use a doll of course).
Guess the flavor of baby food (take the labels off). Guess the poop game. use different chocolate bars and smear one kind in each diaper and people have to smell it or taste it to guess what chocolate bar it is. These are games I’m doing at my daughter in laws baby shower in a couple weeks. :blush:

At my oldest we had a bottle drinking game put punch in cheap dollar store baby bottles and see who could drink it the fastest it was hilarious the guys got super into it