Baby shower ideas?

What are something you do during a babyshower? I have never had or been to one and i am having one in a month and have no idea how to plan? Ideas on what i am suppose to have?


I’m 8.5 months pregnant and I’m having to plan my own baby shower. I’m not doing anything fancy just food, friends, and family.

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I am planning mine as well to

Usually a cake and some snacks. Games if you are into that and gift opening

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Games, food, drinks, gifts

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Games,prizes, food and presents!!!

We rented the local swimming pool instead of doing games

You Do NOT have ;your own shower. That is someone else’s job.


Food. Games. Friends. Family.

We skipped the traditional games and did a diaper raffle instead… Bring any size package of diaper and get entered into a drawing. We had two winners and did some scratch off tickets and gas card for the prize. I have a lot of diapers!!

We also did bring a book instead of a card. Lots of guests gifted books and signed the inside of the books.

People voiced they were glad there wasnt traditional games, so was I… i didnt want the attention or the hassle of commanding a group of people. I was 8 months preg :joy:


I had simple finger foods, music, games,friends and family and just good vibes.

Think of a nursery theme. You don’t necessarily have to have the shower the same as the nursery but it’s a place to start.
Some things to think about:
Only women? Or Co-Ed
At a location like a restaurant or in someone’s home
Games and prizes or take-home gifts for everyone?
Snacks and treats or full meal.

The level of detail and effort is completely up to you!
If all you want is a little brunch at a restaurant so you don’t have to plan much more than a date and time, do it!
If you want it to be extravagant do it!
It’s about spoiling you and baby to be :heart:

i planned a “Co-Ed” one for my daughter.
We did bbq chicken sandwiches with chips, a fruit tray, some deli cookies, a cake, & drinks.

I went to Dollar tree & got white plates, napkins, & plasticware, with pink & blue streamers, & tablecloths & about 20 balloons to decorate.

I got on & printed off copies of “written games” where you can just hand out sheets of paper & pens, set a time limit to complete paper, then collect them & give the winner a prize, such as candles, lotions, adult coloring books, ect.

We have an Alexa, so we went on Amazon Prime music & made up a 3 hour playlist of all songs that have the word Baby in it & played in the background.

We hung a nice sheet on the wall with 2 chairs in front of it, & had some photo props from an old party to make a “photo area” .

We did a Diapers & Wipes Raffle, bring a pack of either & be entered to win a $20 gift card.

It was really super easy & we all had a great time & baby got some wonderful gifts! We also had little poems from unborn baby made up to hand out as a thank you when the guests left.

You are supposed to let someone else enjoy planning it for you & show up :crazy_face:

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Cupcakes, punch, small snacks. A few games (Pinterest is super helpful) and if you’re lucky friends and family will bring you baby items as gifts.

I just saw a post recently that was an idea for a baby shower. Buy wooden letters and have each person at the shower paint the letter however they want and then hang the alphabet in the babys room. The person who paints the letter can also put a nice quote or something on the back.

You don’t plan your own baby shower. Someone does it for you. I just had mine few weeks ago. And we just did food lay out. And baby shower games with prizes

Simple food like sandwiches, veggie trays, chips, etc. Games look on pintrest tons of game ideas, diaper and wipes raffle always are helpful. Do small prizes for the games and one big prize for the raffle. Then cake and gifts. Pintrest also had fun decorating ideas if you need help with that!

We made a clothesline of clothes for the new baby. Everyone brought an outfit , in various sizes. We then made a clothesline with the new adorable outfits!

Diaper raffle & design onesies :sparkling_heart: