Baby shower on a budget ideas?

Baby shower on a budget! I need prize ideas !! And how many prizes do you normally hand out ?

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We did our baby shower at the park, got most of the decorations at the dollar tree or Amazon and we just did a diaper raffle with a couple gift cards.

We did a diaper and wipe raffle type thing. Two prizes gift cards one for a food place and the other to a store like tj maxx.

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Maybe 5.
Ross or marshalls is a good place to get things. Lotions, candles, coffee mugs, cups.


Go to dollar tree and dollar general, evdn second hsnd store

Go to Dollar Tree, Dollar General
If you are crafty make some gifts.

This is a new thing for me. In my day we just gave small presents to the guest of honor and ate cake. Why do you need to give prizes?

But here are some ideas: 1. guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar and the jar of candy is the prize, 2. a set of wine, champagne or other glasses from the dollar store/ALDI/Walmart, 3. dish towels or apron & big spoon, spatula, pasta server type kitchen utensils or potholders or oven mitts, 4. Shower stuff like scrubbie, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion in a set or mini bottles, 5. Spa pack of face mask, bath salts/bath bomb/foot soak, scented candle, or eye mask, satin pillowcase, 6. easy care small plant, 7. earrings and a matching chain or necklace from CVS (the one near me has fairly beautiful stuff), 8. Beach pack of any combo of sunscreen, cheap sunglasses, beach towel, waterproof phone covering, pouch/fanny pack or tote bag; foldable sun/rain hat, beachy nail polish, flip flops, aloe, water bottle.

I’m older, but I don’t expect to get a gift or prize. I’m GIVING a gift to the new parents when attending a shower. It’s fun to play games but mostly visit with people & open the gifts!