Baby teething pain relief?

Any advice for a teething 4 month old? I’m doing tylenol and baby orajel but she’s still hurting


I used the frozen ring teethers for mine

Try teething tablet they are all organic ingredients

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I heard that teething tablets help a lot


use natural from Nuby!! nd a frozen pacifer or teething toy

I have a teething Amber necklace for my daughter and I swear by it. She doesn’t drool at all & she wines a Little but not nearly as much as she was before I had it. She’s over 1 now & has all molars in & has slept all night since she was 6 months.

teething tablets are a life saver. there’s also a nuby brand that’s like orajel that helps a lot!

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I would put washcloths in the freezer until they were super cold but not frozen.

I wet… then froze facecloths and also froze teethers

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Im pretty sure you can’t use orajel and it literally says it on the box


Dont use orajel! Look up kids dying from orajel. I stopped using it immediately


Tylenol is great and chilled toys but you shouldn’t offer anything frozen as it hardens the gums and makes it harder for the teeth to come through same with baby orajel! We dont recommend it. Also offer a wet wash rag to chew on or even an infant toothbrush!

Baby orajel isnt reccomended baby can choke teething rings and tynol breast or formula pops

You could go old school with it! My mom used to rub whiskey on my gums. She said it worked wonders!


Frozen waffles just keep an eye out when they thaw but my babies loved it you just go through a lot of waffles lol

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief works miracles!

I know someone is gonna say something so, THEY CHANGED THE FORMULA.


NO ORA GEL!!! Including baby

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I used frozen waffles, popsicles, frozen hotdogs, “frozen” washrags, and a fingertip dipped in whiskey for really bad days

Let her chew on frozen breast milk.

Amber necklaces
Frozen wash clothes
Frozen waffles
Freeze formula or breast milk and put in the mesh binkies.

Orajel is known to make the gums harder, causing the teeth to have more trouble popping through. Definitely discontinue that.


Camilia . Baby orajel is AWFUL . And Tylenol ruins the glutathione

My children didn’t get teeth till later,had the old clothes pins for hanging laundry on the line,soak the end in whiskey, let them chew on it and it will numb there gums, and no they don’t get drunk or harm them. Old remedy., works!


Baby oragel doesnt use benzocaine anymore

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Give them a pice of leather

I would put frozen fruit into a mesh thing and gave it to my kids when they were teething. My son didnt like the wash cloth and I had to hold the frozen tether because it got too cold for their little hands.


Blend some fruit to where it’s mashed and put it in a teether. Let the baby chew on the teether or a cold wash rag.

I think she gets the picture about orajel y’all.
We like to freeze the metal lids from baby food jars and they can chew on them.
A very tiny bit of whiskey helps wonders and certainly won’t hurt… and if it does not work, then you can drink it…and it will help. :joy: good luck though… this shall pass.

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my kids pediatrician said to stay away from any type of orajel. Was told it hardens gums and poses a choking risk.

Benadryl works wonders. Rub it on the gums with your finger.

Suck up water in a few pacifiers and freeze them… work great for bedtime! Anything frozen works the best

Nuby dissolving tablets

I use Nuby all natural teething gel. It works great!

Freeze fruit. Frozen wash clothes. Freeze teething toys and chewies.


Quit the baby orajel. It’s been known to make baby’s gums harder and can make the teething hurt more.


Rub your finger on their gums. Cold washcloths. Giving a bottle with a chew resistant nipple will help as well. Freeze pacifiers, chill teething rings.
With all this crap, including the pain meds, I have found that nothing really works better then a cold wash cloth. It is soft, new texture and cold for their gums

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I always used frozen pineapple, because pineapple has bromelain, a natural pain relief enzyme.

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Frozen bagels, frozen gogurts

Freeze baby wash cloths.

Put a teething toy in the freezer and letthem chew on it

Wash ya hands good. Then softly massage the little gums

Infant ambesol is best and a frozen teething ring

Frozen formula or breastmilk pops

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Frozen bm in a mesh feeder

Homemade Pedialyte popsicles

Baby orajel makes teething worse and is very dangerous


Rinse a washcloth and keep it in the fridge then let her chew on it

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I would ask the doctor.

Stop the orajel. It has a chemical in it that hardens the gums and makes the teething hurt worse. I used teething tablets and a wet cloth that I froze. Freeze pacifiers in ice trays with milk.

Frozen teething rings. Baby Orajel is recommended by doctors these days. Tylenol as far as I am concerned did not relieve pain. Not sure about Motrin I have heard many mothers using it tho. Not sure what teething tablets are, but if they work that is good.

Paracoric,rub on gums