Baby teething pain relief?

Hey mamas so quick question. My 4 month old baby boy is teething bad and nap/bedtime is hard. He’s so tired but just won’t fall asleep. Is it bad to let him cry himself to sleep? I’ve let him a few times and writhing a couple mins he’s sound asleep and gets a good nap in. When I say cry I don’t mean full out screaming. I mean just crying a little when it gets too much I pick him up. But just curious


I did the same thing with my now 18month old. do it now too.
He is still fussy when new teeth start coming in. Actually started giving him soothing tablets at bed time to help him sleep through the pain

When my kid gets like that (currently 6 months) I just let her cry.
When she gets over tired there is nothing I can really do except let her cry it out.
She is teething currently. I just bought a cup with a silicon top that she chews on that seems to help come nap/bed time.
Let your baby cry it out. But also know when enough is enough. Baby is in pain and just wants to be cuddled and comforted.
When it all gets too much, I just pull her into my arms (still lying down) and rock her a little or watch a movie on my phone and in no time she is passed out.
(I also know you probably have a ton of stuff to do, because let’s face it, who doesn’t, but cuddles always help😉)

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Get an amber teething necklace

Hes 4MONTHS OLD & IN PAIN… he just wants to be held and cuddled to help take the pain away. Please please DO NOT let him cry it out…
Also he CAN have baby tylenol

U can let them cry up to fifteen min as long as u know u done everything else correctly and Tylenol not helping

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That’s actually a great thing to start doing now. It seems mean but as long as he’s not screaming then it’s ok. It’ll teach him to self sooth when he wakes up at night and doesn’t need to eat anymore. I waited till my daughter was 12 months before starting this and it was a nightmare because I waited too long.
Also, try an amber teething necklace and or Motrin for babies. Molars are also 1,000,000 times worse I’m afraid. GOOD LUCK!!

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I say it’s fine to let them cry out within reason, 20 min at most. Crying is good for strengthening their lungs. But sooth baby for a bit, get a frozen teether or such to help with the pain like the amber necklace or nuby glove.

DO NOT GET YOUR BABY A TEETHING NECKLACE THAT IS A STRANGULATION HAZARD. Baby tylenol, when I babysat for my roommate when his little one was teething he had a teething ring that you put in the freezer it’s big enough that baby wont choke, it has no strings or anything that could get caught around the baby, and the coolness does sooth them.

Let him cry, it’s not abuse and it’s good for the lungs