Baby teething pain relief?

Tips and tricks for teething?
I have a cranky 3 month old, with 2 budding teeth. She doesn’t hold things well, and doesn’t seem to like cold binkies or chew rings in her mouth at all.


I would rub liquid Benadryl on my sons gums it would numb them i worked for him

Try a chunk of white onion

Cool wet washcloth to chew on

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My 3.5 month old is going through the same thing. I’ve found the frozen wash clothes help best. And keep a receiving blanket on his lap and he chews on it as well.

The mesh baby teethers u put fruit in them and they can chew and suck in them . Frozen or wet wash rag as well .


Waffles. They are cold & soothing & absorb some of the drool

Frozen Eggo Waffles cut into strips so little one can naw on it. By the time it thaws it’s been “gummed” enough to where it’s not going to be much (if any) of a choking hazard. Life. Savor. Worked well with all 4 of my not so littles anymore💜

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Do not give a 3 month old food. Such bad advise.

Infant Tylenol and cool cloths are best bet st that age. You can also get homeopathic orajel that is belladonna free

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Chamomile tea and soothing tablets

Gripe water and Tylenol.

Numbing gel. Baby oral gel is one option.

My son chewed on a wet washcloth

We use babyganics teething pods. They work wonders. I did hear tho that baby orajel could cause gums to be tighten which I’m not sure of. We tried orajel cold stuff and only thing seemed to work was babyganics and Tylenol.


Frozen waffles and gripe water saved my girls teeth through the early stages. Now my baby is 1 and getting molars (woweeeee super painful.) We give her a little bit of Tylenol and have a teething toothbrush she loves. She always ripped those amber necklaces and almost choked on them, so we stopped using those.

Cold rag is the best option

Advil and Tylenol every 4 hours I think
? Google it

Wink Naturals teething gel cold from the fridge and infants Tylenol!! :heart:

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Honestly we tried everything! The best lesson I learned is baby’s will cry-they will be uncomfortable and you may not be able to help it. I know the crying makes you feel anxious and want to do anything to fix it but it’s just not possible. I went through such hell thinking there must be a cure. But if your baby is fed, changed, not dressed too hot or too cold, doesn’t have an invisible hair wrapped around their toe cutting off circulation that you didn’t catch until now-etc. etc…then you should probably just ride the wave. So many times I racked my brain and my husband would eventually say after trying everything “ride the wave”
For months with a newborn this is the case. Doesn’t mean not to check all possibilities but it does mean to expect this is the nature of children. My lo didn’t really like anything but popsicles or a teether that she could stick back into her mouth. Like this

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Give them your finger to chew on and baby tylenol :sweat_smile: and if you want to hold a frozen wash cloth for him

As Kristen mentioned above, we have a teething gel option that will gently cool the gums without numbing them! It is benzocaine, belladonna, clove oil, and drug free… but still works :slight_smile: You can keep it in the fridge for an added cooling effect. Completely safe and natural. If you’d like a code to try it… we are more than happy to share! Just shoot us a PM on here. Good luck with your little one!!