Baby teething pain relief?

Mamas, help!
I’m a FTM. My daughter is 3, almost 4 months old. She’s cutting AT LEAST 2 teeth (upper front and lower front) right now. She’s been fine, just a little whiny, drooling and chewing on her fingers. But all day she’s done nothing but scream. I’ve tried:
Teething Tablets
Nubby Gel
Cold teething rings
Out of desperation a sugar free popsicle
A bath
She doesn’t have a fever, she’s peeing and pooping normal even though she’s eating less than normal. I just don’t know how to soothe her right now and it’s breaking my heart.


Sometimes you can’t do anything than what you have done . Ive always been firm in they learn their tolerance from us. Imo. Try a dab of cold rum.

Wet a wash cloth with clean cold water and let her chew on it.


Dont give medications. Been known to cause seizures

Sometimes with teething comes ear infections and they dont always get a fever with that.


Definitely have the ears checked!!!

You can give her infant tylenol

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Pure vanilla, or CBd oil ( we use the blend)

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Freeze a clean wet wash cloth.

I used frozen waffles with my girl, worked like a charm, you need to watch to make sure she doesn’t bite off pieces or it isn’t getting unthawed, but the ridges of frozen waffles was great for her to rub up against her gums! Helped a ton! Also, infant Tylenol every 4 hrs. I was also told to use a little bit of liquor on the top of my finger to numb it, but the waffles was great! Pure vanilla works also, just a tiny bit on the top of your finger and rub her gums

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You should take her to her pediatrician and rule out any other issues.

Baby’s first toothbrush. It works wonders. My son still uses it for his molars coming in now. It also helps breaking the tooth through. God luck momma

Put applesauce in a wash cloth and then freeze it! Then let them chew on it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Vanilla extract rubbed on her gums

I bought the pedialite popsicles and froze them. They have a pretty good flavor and kids love them. Baby will calm down. Also, I gave my baby room temp milk because warm milk made it worse. I used this with my second one cause teething time was horrible. It was bad enough I stopped breastfeeding(I was only doing like 10% of the time)
Before you try any of the oils that you might feel a lil ecky bout it look them up or email your pediatrician. I know some of them give you diarrhea

Frozen blueberries in a fruit feeder, honestly best thing for my boy!

Your doing everything you can momma!! The eating less is because her mouth hurts from teeth coming in. Just comfort her the best you can your doing great. And it will pass. Sometimes nothing helps with teething

Try Motrin instead. It’s better for inflammation :broken_heart:

Find an old pharmacy and get some hurricane.

My kid likes to chew on my clothes. So I keep a flannel shirt I wear around the house with her. Calms her down so fast :heart:

Girl I am in the same exact boat. My daughter turned 3 months today tho.

I’ll probably get alot of shit for this, but whiskey. Not a whole lot. Jus get the tip of your finger wet with it and rub it along where shes teething. My son is 8 months and it works wonders for him. It’s a twice a day thing, and not even everyday. It doesnt get them drunk and the low amount of alcohol doesnt hurt them. They may not like the taste but it helps soothe and numb their gums for a bit.

We use oragel find it in drug store with baby stuff it numbs the gums try not to get it on there lips I just put some on my finger and rub on gums worked beautiful

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Ibuprofen worked better for us than Tylenol. Lots of cuddles & any kind of popsicle i could find (sugar or not). Also frozen bagels were wonderful. ANYTHING THAT WORKS IS OK