Baby teething pain relief?

hey mommas my son is cutting teeth has 2 coming in and is in screaming pain dr said tylenol will help but it’s not really he will be there months on the 6th !! Is there anything else I can do?


Freeze a wet wash cloth and let your son chew on it. Use teething rings. Good luck

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Put dabs of infant Tylenol directly on the gums where the teeth are cutting. Rub it in it will work instantly

There is baby teething toys that you put in the freezer for them to chew on

This is what I use it works awesome

This worked great for my son and I’ll post something else underneath

No tylenol it’s hard on their kidneys. Go to the health food store and get teething stuff.


Formula or breast milk popsicles, teething gel, tylenol, motrin, if the baby gets a fever from teething and you can’t get it to go down, head to the ER. Babies can also get diarrhea, so offer plenty of fluids. Make yourself some coffee. Wishing you goodluck.

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I use infant ibuprofen cause it works better and rubber tethers cold help too

I swear by the amber necklaces…my son wore one from 2months until 2 years…only had to give him Tylenol one time…and no drooling at all!!! SWEAR the are the best !!!

These are what we bought for my grandson. He used it all the time. We didn’t use tylenol or ibuprofen cause my daughter in law was real strict. No infant orajel either. We also let him chew on freeze pops

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Make breastmilk ( or formula) popsicles!

Cold pickles help a lot. Vinegar is a natural anegelesic and the firmness helps them push the tooth thru.

Use a old time remedy, dip the top of your pinky finger into some whisky and rub on their gums every other day and use a frozen wash cloth for chewing it help my child thru teething when she was little


baby teething dissolving pills u can get at walgreens, CVS, or walmart. They are all natural and work great

Rotate between Tylenol and ibuprofen every 4 hours…Tylenol will help the pain and ibuprofen will help the swelling…lifesaver for when my daughter was teething

Maybe those sickle pops that you freeze. Not to say to open them. Lisa has a good point as well. My grandma said to do the same. No more alcohol you would have on your finger would only alleviate the pain. What the big deal is the cold washrag. Biting brings the new teeth in which is good.

We use hyland baby teething tablets, they dissolve instantly. All natural.

Frozen waffle! It worked wonders. It’s cold and hard enough to make them feel better but it turns to mush after a little bit. Be ready to clean up a bit of a mess

Tylenol, cold wet wash cloth,try rubbing his gums

Teethers in the freezer, frozen bananas in a mesh pouch, ambesol for infants, clove

Popsicle, wet cloth for him to chew on

Advil is better for teething as it is an anti inflammatory. Frozen wash cloth to chew on, massage the gums with a wash cloth, you can try frozen milk pops I freeze milk in an ice tray and pop it in his munchkin feeder , I pour water in my sons soothie (soother) and freeze it and give him it.

Sure he doesn’t have an ear infection? Sounds too young to be cutting teeth. Dr. Probably why it isn’t working. I used orajel, teething rings and freeze pops.

I gave my son camilla teething drops

Teething rings, frozen wash cloth etc

Mesh pouch with an Ice cube

Teething tablets with the Tylenol did it for my little guy, the tablets dissolve almost instantly.

Have any of you heard of spell check or read what you wrote before posting? This site provides more entertainment every day

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Motrin is better.
Freeze large pieces of fruit and hold it on a fork so he can chew on them.
Frozen washcloth.
Or, as my grandma used to say, “Dark liquor on the gums”.

No Motrin until 6m! How does no one know that?!


Try tubing Vanilla extract in them

To all the women saying no Tylenol for babies under 6 months, you are ridiculously in correct, speak to your pediatrician and they will always recommend a very small dose of Tylenol for your baby if they have fever or are in pain. That is literally what Tylenol is for. Don’t mom shame people who are just trying to ease their children’s pain because I’m sure it hurts them to see their little ones in pain. If you have a crying baby 24/7 you will do whatever is in your power to help them so please stop with the nonsense cuz some kids go through teething in a breeze and others not so much.

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I used frozen pops with the rounded end. Poked a pin hole in end and baby chewed away liking the frozen treat.

Motrin worked better for my baby when he was struggling with teething. Maybe crush up an ice cube and stick it in a baby cloth with an elastic to hold it together

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My mother used to take a little bit of whiskey on her finger and rub it into our gums I did it with my children, it worked great. I also let the pediatrician know what I was doing and he said there was nothing wrong with it

Please don’t take the advice of anyone telling you to rub any amount of whiskey on the gums. Even tiny amounts of alcohol can cause severe liver damage to a baby. It takes a simple google search to see that it’s not safe.


DO NOT USE ORAJEL!!! It’s helps very briefly but makes the gums tougher causing more pain in the long run. I always used a wet washcloth

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First of all, the mom’s saying to rub alcohol on your little one’s gums are fucking insane. Do NOT listen to these crazy nut jobs! SO MUCH IS WRONG WITH THAT.

Second, no oral gel it hardens the gums & makes it harder for the teeth to come out.

Third, Camilia drops!!! Those droppers work WONDERS! They taste like water so your LO won’t react to it. My son loves them. He’s cutting for teeth at once right now & these are my go to. They always calm him down. I always buy a lot at a time, lol, usually 4-5 boxes!!

dip your finger in brandy and rub on his gums. Will not hurt him at all and will work great. Has less alcohol than teething gels.

We went old fashion and used wishkey we did talk to our Dr frist

I use a product called pumpkin butt. It’s all natural teething oil. Got it on amazon. I’ve told several people about it and they all love it as much as I do. Saved my life when my son was first teething

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Try baby oragel it was a life saver with my nephew while cutting teeth.

Teething tablets actually helped a lot. Motrin (I used it when my son was 5.5 months—I couldn’t take it anymore he was in so much pain BUT he was within the weight range for a dose).
Also try freezing washcloths, frozen pineapple sticks (natural anti inflammatory), if your nursing try frozen breast milk in those little mesh pockets they can chew on. Frozen baby dill pickles were my daughters favorite. Just obviously any kind of frozen food be careful.

Fries some fruit and let him hold it and chew on it. They also sell these Pops that have a net and you put juice in them and freeze them and he chews on them and it helps numb the teeth and the pain for a while

Not fries I said freeze some fruit

I did not like Baby Orajel because you put it in their mouth on their gum but they also swallow with it and it numbs their throat and that made me nervous

Nuby teething gel, it’s my favorite gel to use, teething tablets as well

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I use the amber teething products

Wellememts baby tooth oil

why don’t you try some honey dipped on his pacifier.

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Motrin worked best for us, also baby teething gel organic with clove oil helped as well.

Vanilla extract on gums.

People, it seems as if the babe is THREE months. Half these suggestions are dangerous.


Orajel for children, numbs the gum. Frozen teething rings are good too. Tylenol doesn’t work. Doesn’t even work for me. Not sure but cinnamon oil works for adults, not sure about a child.

There’s teething gels from 2 months. Apart from that teething rings, would say ice pops or milky cow lollies, but little one is too young for them. If nothing works ask at a pharmacy. Some of the suggestions on here aren’t suitable for you babies age. So i wouldn’t risk it.

If he uses a pacifier, you can wet the nipple and freeze that. Also, frozen face cloths work well too. As far as teething gels, I would stay clear because he is so young and the majority of them use lidocaine or benzocaine (numbing agents) and they can numb more things other than the gums which would interfere with swallowing.

Humphrey #3small tablets melt on toungue

Green onion with the root cut off. Let you baby nibble on it. Helps numb the gums and teeth to cut through faster

Throw a teething ring in the freezer for a bit or a cold wet washcloth works too.

Do not use orajel. It has a chemical in it that hardens the gums and makes it worse. I would say the teething tablets. Or a ice cube in a wash cloth. Maybe talk to your doctor about clove oil?

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Frozen baby wash clothes

Mom used to boil and strip a checken leg then cool that
Kept them busy for hours