Baby teething pain relief?

Help! I need advice on my 7 month old son. He has been teething for 3 months now so I have considered teething as an answer to my question. Recently he has been pulling his hair just on his head and grabbing at his ears. He is also doing this thing where he gets frustrated. I’m not sure if this is normal or what it should be. It doesn’t seem to be an ear infection and he isn’t pulling any hair out he is just yanking on it. I’m not sure what to do or why he is doing it


Could be teething pain, I’d take him to the doc and get his ears checked just in case. Also go to the health food store and get some teething stuff.

My oldest did this. Thought an ear infection but her doc said it was just because the nerves run up by the ear so they’re pulling on the only thing they can trying to relieve pain. But if docs checks his ears and no infection, that’s my bet. Tylenol is usually safe. Ask for dosage size. And there’s some natural teething gels that are basically clove oil

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My lil one done this A lot but grew out of it. I wouldn’t worry.

Mouth ear nose are all connected. Id still consider an ear infection, and pain from both. Have him checked by dr for sure. My 2nd baby had a horrible cough and no ear pain that she spoke about and after being seen the dr diagnosed ear infections in both ears with a high amount of congestion. Allergy medicine daily can help with this too.

Could be teething or ear infection. Maybe have doc check his ears just to be sure.

Is he anxious or stressed? It could be an earache or tooth ache.

My 7 month old is doing the same thing Dr said yes he is teething but also had an ear infection

Maybe an ear infection go to his pediatrician

They said sometimes they discover their ears lol

Mine did this too. He grew out of it. If there’s no infection and if it’s not teething pain he just might be having emotions he doesn’t know how to deal with.

If it is teething and he doesn’t have an ear infection, try baby orajel it’s not medicated. They have night time and day time. It seemed to help my son!

Sounds like teething, my boy does this too, but best to get it checked if it continues incase it is an ear infection