Babysitter nightmare

My mom is a babysitter for a social worker and just recently we got into it with her. She has a 17 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. Just last weekend we went to a party for my mother in laws boyfriend and the 13 year old came with us ( my mom was there and so was my sister and brother in law). It was a casino themed birthday so of course all the kids were outside in the jumper, pool or just running around. Well after we sang happy birthday my mother in laws boyfriend threw alot of ones for the kids to enjoy themselves and get a little money. The 13 year old got a good $55 from the money that he threw but 10 minutes later we had seen her going to all the adult MALES begging for money. Telling them “I know you have money look at what your wearing, look at your shoes, brand new shoes, give me some money let me see your wallet.” Alot of them pulled out there wallet and showed her they had NO money to give her. She also went up to one of the males while his gf was there and started talking about throwing her money (all ones) at strippers and going to the strip club. At the end of the day one person gave her $29 dollars for bugging and begging about her grades in school (she tried to use my nephews since he as all straight A’s). We left and my husband and I had told my mom that it was embarrassing for her to go around bugging and begging people for money. The next day my husband had a talk with her about her actions and told her she can keep the $55 to just give us the $29 so we can give it back since it wasn’t right. She ended up telling my husband no and gave him ALL the money and took off from my moms house. I called her mom and explained what happened at the party and how my husband and I felt. All she said was “Go find my daughter” which I did for about 40 mins. Her mom found her at her friends house and we don’t know what she told her mom but her mom ended up calling my mom telling her since she didn’t steal the money we need to give it back. At that point my husband had left to return the ALL the money. Her mom called again and said " Call me when you have my daughters money" even though we had already told her my husband took it back. Her 17 year old son heard what was happened so when he came to my moms house after school he asked us what happened so we told him. He confronted his mom on why was it okay for her to be begging people for money when she gets everything she wants. The mom blew up and told him F*** us we are a bunch of liars and continuously bashing us. I would want to know people’s opinions on this situation because I am a mom of 5. My kids are ages 8,7,6,4, 8 months. My 8 year old doesn’t go beg people for money nor does my 7,6,4 year old. I guess I just want to see if we did the right thing and see what we should do/say. (She kicked her 17 year old son out and he is staying with us until she is “ready” to accept his apology for speaking his mind on the situation. )