Beach hacks for kids?

I need every single hack for taking 5 and 2 year olds to the beach please!


Bring baby powder it helps to get the sand off :slightly_smiling_face:


Big bottle of water, when you’re off the sand they can get washed down

Lots of bread!! When my daughter would get bored but her siblings still wanted to play, we would break out a loaf of bread to toss to seagulls and kept her busy til she felt like getting in the water again lol. We live just a few blocks from the beach so we go often

A gallon of water in trunk for each family member. Gets nice and warm during the day use to rinse off for comfortable ride home.

A handy hauler really helped me as a single mum for taking my kids to the beach :blush:

Fitted sheet to have an area with no sand ! Look it up

*Baby powder… sprinkle some on hands and feet to instantly brush off the sand.
*Drinks, food, snacks
*Frozen stick popsicles (and a small pair of scissors to open) bonus is that you can use them as ice pack until your eat them.
*beach umbrella or tent
*extra t-shirt or outfit
*put lotion on before going to the beach and reapply often

If driving leave at night so they will sleep

Laundry basket for all the stuff! Easy to rinse down. And after living in FL, I agree with the previous post about baby powder to get the sand off. We always take a golf size umbrella too (we burn fast)