Beach ideas for kids?

Hey mamas!! So me and the hubby are taking our 3 year old daughter to the Florida for the first time next month. What are some essentials we should bring with us for our daughter for the beach and so on.


Sunblock! Sunblock! Sunblock!!

Sunblock, extra swimsuits, beach toys, extra clothes, food and drinks!

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Some type of umbrella or canopy to get some shade. Rash guard bathing suit and a hat! Sunblock, of course and reapply often.

Beach shoes like these so the hot sand and sharp rocks don’t bother her feet.

Make a beach bag. Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, life jacket, toys and above all drinks and SNACKS or be prepared for meltdowns!

Baby powder to brush the sand off without the pain

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Sunblock, cereal that can be thrown to the birds, plan activities to drive to, like the zoo, in the afternoon, nap on the way, then enjoy, plan an evening walk on beach to get ready for relaxing and bed.

Something to pull all your stuff to the beach like a wagon make sure to ahve something I to put up as shade reapply sunscreen constantly other then that toys and have fun… Taking out one year old for the first time in a few weeks… Idk how we went so long and haven’t taken him yet but our 3 yr old loves it… Also watch the flags please stay right there on the child like a hawk

I live in Florida. Lol where are you going!? We have beautiful beaches. Anyways SUNBLOCK (Thjs sun is NO joke). Some way to provide shade. Snacks. Stay hydrated. The heat is ridiculous. Floated. Around 11-2 maybe 3-ish. Depending on the day. Be prepared for TOOOONNNSSSSSS of people.

UV Sun tent. Little blow up kiddie pool you can fill with buckets of water. They also make UV sun tents with kiddie pool in them. Baby powder also helps get sand off after the beach. Portable fan(battery powered) frozen water bottles.

Sunscreen. Hat. Sunglasses. (Get a band that goes around the head to keep them on.) Long sleeve swim cover up. And Pinterest all the ways to keep sand out of your stuff.

When we go down I make sure I have sunblock and bug spray. Where my mom lives is really humid most days and the mosquitos are bad.

I live in Florida it’s HOT plenty of sunscreen is a must hat also and if possible stay indoors between 11 and 2 our family usually do the beach early morning it’s not as hot and is not crowded


SUNBLOCK. Lots and lots of sunblock. Sand castle toys, enough towels to fill a bedroom closet. Chairs, coolers, food to make sammies and what not. Umbrellas. Aloe vera. You could even go as far as goggles for the pool (depending on which hotel you stay at, they tend to over chlorinate.) Do notttttt give cereal to the birds, lol. They will NEVER leave again and they are RUTHLESS in florida. Trust me, im a native. Theyre total dicks. The second you open something theyre on you like white on rice.

Beach shoes, floaties, sun screen, bug spray, sun hat, drinks, snacks, a swimsuit cover up…

Sun screen, also for lips, something for shade, bug spray and alot of patience. Haha. Have lots of fun!!

Make sure u reapply sun block at least every 45 mins to an hour if our directly in the sun. Florida is no joke especailly with fare skin.

You will need rain coats, sunscreen, umbrella (for beach and for rain), long sleeve and short sleeve. We have the most bipolar weather here.

My husband lived in Hawaii when he was in the military, he suggested a snow sled (with raised sides and a handle to pull). You can put your daughter, and all of her stuff in it and pull it over the hot sand.


Sunscreen for all unless you wanna look like this. Just came back Monday from there! This was BLISTERED a few days ago! Apply and REAPPLY!

Swim shirt and hat with a strap so it doesn’t blow away but one that has a large brim to cover scalp, ears, and neck. Sunblock. Something for shade. A puddle jumper would be ideal and an inflatable ring, it’s the easiest way to push them up over the waves.

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I kept my kid in their puddle jumper any time we were on the beach. It can take one second for a kid to go in the water.

Sunblock snavk and lots of water also shade

Sunblock, baby powder ( to get the sand off)

A sheet!!! Much easier and bigger than towels for the beach!!

Baby powder helps knock the sand off you

A gun. Better safe than sorry. Gators and crazy people

Yea prepare for rain and shine. It’s bipolar down there. Out in the sun then walk in for 5 minutes it’s pouring rain then 20 minutes later it’s like it never happened lol

Beach/Water shoes… sunblock

Shoes cause the sand is like 100 degrees here lol