Bedtime routine for babies?

What is your bedtime routine for your 8/9/10-month-old? And do they sleep through the night??


Following. I’m having a hard time with my 10 month old

We have a 9 month old, as a rule I don’t allow napping after 4:30. Bath around 6, he’s generally asleep for 7 and NOW sleeps through. The sleeping through is very recent and it’s thrown off our entire day routine for the moment.

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For my 10 month old daughter. She sleeps through the night and usually wakes up between 730 and 830am.
710pm- bathtime
730- bottle (8oz)
745- read a few books and brush teeth
8pm- bed

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My little one has tea at about half 4/5 a bath at about 5:45pm then bedtime bottle. In bed by half 6/7 sleeps through until 8am every day xx

Most kids don’t sleep through the night til 3 or 4


My 8month old gets his bath between 6-6.30pm some cereal & his bottle and straight to bed by 7pm, he sleeps till at least 8am.

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At that age, we started getting ready for bed at 6:30. We did pjs, bottle, brush teeth, read a book in a dim light, then bedtime around 7. He slept all night.

Still trying to figure this one out lol I have a 13 month old and he’s still not sleeping through :weary: I’m used to it though

My LO lays down between 8-9pm and wakes up 8-9 am. He has been sleep trained since about 5 weeks old. 13mnths old now

My 10.5 month old is nursed around 7:30 bushes teeth and cuddles and is in bed by 8 and yes she sleeps through the night until 7-7:30

Bath, lotion, story time, snuggles. Put to bed slightly awake. Slept through the night.

My now 1 year old has this routine and we’ve been doing it for months… After daycare we sit on the deck and let him run around and play and get some wiggles out… Generally he will have a snack of some kind, usually a mango or 2… Then into the shower with me or my partner while the other sits on the floor out side the shower and we play… Peekaboo around the corner of the shower or sliding in the bubbles or what ever he wants to do… Showers are always made to be fun so he doesn’t see them as a chore… And we love it too… Once he’s finished one of us wraps him in a towel and goes to our bed, quick dry off and let him air dry and play naked for a bit… Nappy on, jammies on, bottle and into bed… He’s just been put into a toddler bed and we’ve kept the same routine and had no issues with the transition… He sleeps all night even in the new bed and when he’s awake in the morning one of us goes in and brings him into our bed for a quick cuddle then we are up for the day… Normally he’s in bed by 630pm…

Lay down at 9 and falls asleep when shes ready. We don’t have to be up super early, though. So that depends on your schedile.

All babies are different, each one of my kids has slept differently even if the night time routine was the same. I suggest just continuously trying new things until something sticks but dont stress about it. The more you stress about bedtime the worse the whole experience gets.

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When my son was around that age, naps stopped after 2. “Supper”, bath and bed around seven and he slept through the night. Honestly since being 8 mo he slept through the night unless in need of a diaper change, then with potty training.

maybe i’m one of the lucky ones but my son has slept through the night since 2 weeks old :relaxed: he’s now 17 months.
our bed time routine has been solid since day 1. at around 8/9/10 months it consisted of, supper around 530/6 pm.
wind down 6-7pm which usually consists of independent play with no screen time.
7-730pm bath time.
730-8pm get dried off, lotion, jammies.
8-830 bed time bottle.
asleep by 830/9pm.

it gradually changed as he got older but nothing serious. his bed time now is usually 9-930

Naps before 2pm should make it to wear they go to bed around 630 7 and sleep the majority of the night. Still do it with my 3 year old granddaughter. Works like a charm

Bath bottle bed and it worked perfectly for him :blush:

All kids are different though. Just be consistent. If doing bedtime bottle take them away from activity to calm and relax

My 9mo has a bottle at about 730pm and then she and my 4yo both go to bed at 8pm and we read 3 books then put them to sleep at 830pm and wake up anywhere between 730-830am. My 9mo only wakes up once for a bottle between 2-5am and then goes back to sleep.

Bath at 630/7 after dinner , relax with some formula bedtime at 730 ( we get up at 630 to go to work and daycare)

Bath time always jazzed my kids up for at least an hour or more. We bathed in the morning. I was bad I nursed mine to sleep at that age about 8 ish

Dont quite have a routine yet but she is down between 7-8pm usually and sleeps all night.

They go to bed at 8pm

7-730 bath, bottle and put to bed around 745/8 and he’ll sleep til 7/8 am

Done the same routine since day one, almost 2 now, great sleeper minus the few, but very short regressions. Slept through the night since 6-7 months. Bedtime starts 7-7:30 and awake by 6. Daddy reads 1 book, I read 2-3 and sing the same 3 songs. I rock him during this and he drinks 1/2 cup of milk. Sound machine and night light.

My 8 month old goes to sleep around 10 pm, sometimes 11, and will sleep through the night until 9 or 9:30 am. I know it’s late but if I put her down before then she wakes up at midnight and is up for hours. She has eczema so we cant do nightly baths. She has slept through the night since about 2 months old, but only if I put her down at my bed time.

Edit to add: her bed is in my room, I have a teenager as well, and we have a 1 bedroom right now due to financial difficulties. If the baby or the teen had their own rooms, the routine would be different, the baby would go to bed earlier and probably sleep through, cause she does well as long as the light is off.

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In my home it has always been lay down at 8… turn tv off at 8:30… the only time it doesn’t go as plan is during soccer & softball season. My kids are 9, 6, 4 &3.

My daughter is 12 months old and has never once slept through a whole night. Gets up at least once or twice to take another bottle. You people with the kids sleeping through the night are soooo lucky!!! We’ve tried everything and realized we gotta take the L and keep it moving :joy::joy:


9 months today, about a month ago we started with bowl of food/bottle/bath/jammies/lay her down at 730p and she did great with it, sleeps through the night until around 6am typically. Once we got her on a schedule we have been able to omit the bath if needed (sometimes we don’t have time) and she does fine. She was a bed sharer until 8 months, but the transition was smooth. The first 2 nights I had to go in and pat her back at 5 minutes and 10 minutes, but since she just lays down and goes to sleep. If she wakes overnight I go in and pat her, lay her down and then follow the 5/10 minute intervals of patting until she falls asleep again but that’s only happened like 3x

My daughter is 6 my son’s are 5 and 1 all my kids have honestly slept threw the whole night even when they where babys i would have to wake them up to eat lol but now its homework for my older two then supper bath and in bed by 7 7:30 they are to be asleep and then up at 6 am even on the weekends
My little one is already in bed by 7pm 6:50 if hes really tired then up by 7am

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I’m 30 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. At 630 we start winding down. At 7-730 I put my 9 month old in her bed and she’s normally out instantly. She sleeps all night until about 7-730 am. Then at about 8-830 I lay down with my son and he’s out by 830-9. This is the routine we have every night and it works perfectly for us. Just try finding a routine that works for you.

My 10 month old eats dinner at 5:30, then bath at 6-6:30. We play for about 45 minutes and read stories before bed time at 7:30. She sleeps through the night. We don’t do naps past 4:30 the latest, and we love snacks when awake!

8pm…and wakes up at 6:30 am shes 14 months now she’s been on the same routine since 6 months

We eat dinner around 7 get bath around 730 get out put lotion on and jammies and read a book. Sippy cup of milk (can’t get her off of it Im trying) and I put her in her crib with night time music and sleeps until I wake her up at 530 for daycare/work. On weekends I try to push her to stay up to 830 sometimes I can and is up on her own around 7-730

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I will say every child is different so try not to compare. My oldest who is now 13 was sleeping through the night by 3 and 4 months of age and by that I mean 6 8 Hour stretches. By 6 months she was sleeping 12 hours a night and it stayed that way 4 years and she stopped taking naps around 2. Now my four-year-old? That’s a whole other story LOL if she does nap during the day at school regardless of whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour she is up until 9 or 9:30. When she doesn’t nap she’ll be in bed by 8 or 8:30 and she still gets up like clockwork between 7 and 7:30 and sometimes she’ll wake up at 6 and then go back to sleep. She’s never been a great sleeper unfortunately

1 year old. Goes to bed around 8 gets up once usually around 3 for a bottle then sleeps til about 6 30, 7.
Naps for no more then 2 hours around noon.
Bath is done just before dinner as they get her the complete opposite of tired

Usually by 830 but lately we been going to bed around 10 but we need to get back in to our routine school is coming my son would lay him self down if he was tired my older ones sleep at 9

My sons pretty simple. We do dinner, bath, snuggle session with quiet time until he’s ready to go to bed.

In my house they ate every3 - to 4 hrs. Then they stay awake for awhile then gos to sleep

My 6 month old naps at 7-730 back in bed at 830 asleep by 840 wakes a few times for a bottle but eats while asleep and up at 530 for babysitter and naps about 630-7am till 730ish nap again around 1230-1 until 2pm ish

We have a 4 month old great gfs daughter who sleeps thru the night…don’t know the magic used…my children certainly didn’t!

When my kiddos were that young we didn’t have a bed time routine. I was a SAHM they didn’t have a set bed time because it didn’t matter what time they got up. All my kids sleep through the night for day 1. I wouldn’t allow them to be woken up every 2hr fir feeding even in the hospital! Before anyone says it: NO I never left my kids to go out to dinner or overnights.
However when school came around all the kids (in school or not) routine:
Bath 730pm
Bed 815ish weekdays
9pm weekends
Up at 7am

Im at sahm of 3. A 7 year old 4 year old and 1 year old. Before my oldest started school they just went to bed when they wanted to. When my oldest started school they went to bed by 7pm. Still do. When i had my 1 year old he was a pretty good sleeper at night and went to bed when his sisters did at 7pm. He used to get up a few times a night here and there but he officially converted to his own room at 11 months old and has did great with the 7pm bedtime since then and good about sleeping through the night mostly. He has night terrors so there is some nights he still gets up but mostly i just start dinner and homework and baths early and then get them laid down by 7pm ans they are usually asleep by 8pm.

Feed her some oatmeal before bed

My two yr old still won’t sleep through the night lol

All my kids 7-730pm to bed. And all would wake up abt 630-7am… they stayed on that routine until they where 8 years old. Then bed time went to 8pm and would wake abt 730am. That stayed the same until they where 15. Lol my 2 teenagers 15,16 now go to bed 9-10pm and up at 7am. My younger 2 are still following the other 2 bed times cause of there age.

It really depends on you … with my 7mo old I give her her bath around 7 or 8 lather her in night time lotion and then around 9 she will eat her bottle and sleep until 630a … and every baby is also different … so far she is the only one out of my 5 that has slept for 5-6 hrs since birth

We used the book becoming babywise (amazon 11$). It has tons of schedules to fit every lifestyle and had my 7 month old sleeping through the night in 3 days :heart:. Truly a life saver!

Bedtime, pick time at 8pm after supper dinner what ever. Bath, teeth hair jammies then bedtime story and lights out by 8… or at least how I did my 3 worked great. I had a newborn, 1yr old, and 2yr old. As got older started school before story time was clothes out for school then story and bed til reached jr high. They then bedtime 9pm latest weekends 10pm. High school 10 weekends 11.

8 or 9 I would give bath. I would lay my daughter down with her bottle and she would Chuck it out of her crib and fall asleep. I had a very independent child. Lol

We didnt have strict bed times. It seemed to cause more issues trying to stick to a schedule rather than let them just fall asleep

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We had dinner, tv time, bath, brush hair/teeth, a story then gather toys for bedtime.
Bedtime was 8 or 830 (it’s been so long ago, lol)

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