Being intimate while pregnant

I’m trying to avoid a 10pm call to the emergency OB line :face_with_peeking_eye:I’m 10 weeks and had sex last night for the first time since finding out I’m pregnant. Nothing hurt or felt bad during, however it was our usual sex, so somewhat fast.:sweat_smile: I’m not bleeding or anything but I’m having a LOT of extra discharge (possibly semen?) and moisture- and I’ve convinced myself that I dislodged my mucus plus and my water is leaking and my baby isn’t okay. I’m having mild cramping but I’ve been having cramping the majority of this pregnancy. Can someone ease my mind? If this isn’t okay then delete


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There’s a lot of extra discharge in pregnancy. If you’re not bleeding or cramping I’d say you’re okay. Call your doc with concerns. You’re only 10 weeks anyway.


To make sure go see your gynecologist or speak to her nurse

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It’s unlikely that happened but you should consult a doctor


Depends what the discharge is like? It is completely normal in pregnancy to have extra discharge in pregnancy especially after been active, I wouldn’t worry unless you get any bleeding or cramping pain

You should be ok but to ease your mind bc you are having cramping set up an appointment with your ob

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If there’s no blood or pain , I don’t think any harm is coming to your baby lol discharge is totally normal, especially after sex / arousal. You may spot some as the cervix adjusts but that’s normal as long as it’s spotting and not anymore than a very light period bleeding. If you feel off about anything at all, go get seen. Better safe than sorry :heart::two_hearts:

It’s safe to have intercourse during pregnancy unless told otherwise. When you’re pregnant you have a significant amount of discharge. More then usual. If you’re not bleeding or anything I’d say you’re most likely okay. Go to the drs to ease you’re mind. Also… yes, probably cum lol :joy: did you not use the restroom or shower after?! Cramping is normal… esp in first pregnancy while your uterus grows because it’s your bodys first time carrying a baby. Good luck

I was a massive worrier during pregnancy and always thought every change was something bad but had a easy, healthy pregnancy it turns out :sweat_smile:In saying that though, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call the midwives and they’ll either say it’s normal or come for a check up. You would not be the first to call and definitely not the last! Congrats on the bub :white_heart:


 you need to get checked out to ease your mind, but sex during pregnancy is amazing and it won’t hurt the baby, I mean we tried even put me into labor doing that and nope didn’t even put me into labor :woman_shrugging:t2:
It doesn’t hurt the baby but please get checked out honey… to ease your own mind. 

Mucus plug is distinct usually. Lots of discharge during pregnancy. If you aren’t bleeding or bad cramping you are alright.

Your Dr can ease your mind call them

You’ll have extra discharge cramping after is normal cause your “Os” cause you to contract muscles.

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I highly doubt that’s the case. Honestly I wouldn’t be too worried about it. And if you are then just call your doctor

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I don’t believe it’s your mucus plug. That is very thick mucus to say the least haha. Excessive discharge during pregnancy is very common. If you’re not bleeding, or cramping severally I wouldn’t panic. If you are worried though I’d go get checked out just to ease your mind.


Why would someone laugh at this? Horrible coochie energy!


When your pregnant the juices flow. I’m sure nothing happened. I had to wear panty liners because I was so juicy LMAO :rofl: especially after sex.

Call the Dr on call better safe than sorry.

You’re likely just fine. Some cramping afterwards can be due to the O’s during. Baby is very well protected in there.


I don’t think you even have a mucus plug at 10 weeks


Totally normal! Extra discharge during pregnancy, plus our cervix is very closed so semen doesn’t have anywhere to go. You may also get spotting after sex during pregnancy, as long as it’s light and doesn’t last long it’s also nothing to worry about.

It’s okay to have sex during pregnancy, it’s normal to have extra discharge, the mucus plug is very very thick, you shouldn’t have to worry unless you can’t handle the cramps and are bleeding!

I wouldnt be panicking as sex during pregnancy is fine and so is a little discharge, but if your worrying about it call your midwife just for peace of mind as you dont want to be stressed out during pregnancy x

You are absolutely fine. Your mucus plug would be like a mucus, not just discharge. You definitely get more moist down there when pregnant. You can always check with the OB, but I wouldn’t worry


No it’s prob from him not even discharge :joy: your fine. And cramps are very common especially this early.

I’d call your doctor to be certain, but unless told otherwise, it is completely safe to continue being sexually intimate with your partner. As far as the cramping goes, I highly suggest drinking more water or something to hydrate you. That can help alleviate the cramping.


I think you’re fine! Just weird hormone stuff. Message the dr just in case. That’s what you’re paying them a lot of money for!


You’re good, I’m extra wet after sex during pregnancy, especially the further I get. I also have some contracting after an orgasm, pretty normal. Also I found out after worrying about every little piece I lost last time that my mucus plug was actually more than two handfuls of slime like goop when my water broke last time. You would know if it was actually that.

Regular sex is ok. At 10 weeks, the baby is pretty tiny.

If you’re nervous go get checked out. But it all sounds pretty normal

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I had sex on up until I had my son. Sex is what caused my contractions, which I was 39 weeks pregnant. I had a HIGH sex drive when I was pregnant. As soon as I got close to my due date and heard that seman works like induce medication, I had sex all of the time. Lol I felt weird in the beginning too about sex but I did my research and felt more comfortable about sex and being pregnant. Xoxo

I would call your dr immediately

You should be fine. Your muscles are already crampy from growing a baby, try to drink more water and it should help. But always always always call to ease your own mind. The drs would want you be safe rather than sorry, and not stress because stress is bad for pregnancy. But your mucus plug is more like really thick snot lol.

Pretty normal stuff, I don’t even think you have a mucous plug at this point, not sure about that but seems unlikely, but if you’re worried call the doctor❤️


Totally not helping but I thought it read “being an INMATE, while pregnant” and thought this was going to be an interesting read. :joy::joy:
Aside from me being blind, I would just call the doc and schedule a check up! Or just call and ask them to speak to a nurse! I’m sure they get those things all the time :heart:


With you being pregnant and you’re hormones are extra fired up, you’re basically a heater down there, and the heat can actually turn your man’s semen into like a water based liquid instead of it being gooey, which can make you think you’re water is leaking out. Weird, but true, I had a Dr explain this to me cause I had this happen with my second. They did the amiotic fluid swab and it was just straight liquid semen :rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::woman_facepalming:

No , not your plug extra discharge is very normal along with mild cramping. If you aren’t bleeding you are okay. Also a woman can lose her mucus plug multiple times during pregnancy bc it grows back


The first 12 weeks is generally is kind of the window frame for the body to accept or reject the pregnancy, that’s why often many people don’t even know their pregnant h til closer to the 12th week. Sex is completely safe during pregnancy. If you ever have any concerns your first call/advice should come from the OB dr.

Girllll your completely fine, sex will not and does not hurt the baby… don’t go all that time without out. Everything your describing is completely normal

Honestly during pregnancy you produce extra discharge if it was different color or smelled bad I’d worry. Your muscles are moving and tendons changing so some discomfort or cramping is normal as well. for peace of mind I’d check your ob but from my experience all sounds normal and fine. =)


Grl I’m 30weeks and been at it since yr just fine


You’re fine. That’s not what it is

You can do it the whole time. It’s fine.

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Mucus plug doesn’t form until much later.


I’m assuming you’re a first time mumma.

You did the hanky babe, ofcourse you’ll have a heap of Discharge, it’s cum from you and him. When pregnant you get hell more wet and moist down there, it’s your hormones, if you are worried go and have a check up x those cramps and stuff are from your uterus growing and expanding to accommodate for your little life Inside your belly.

Oh girl you’re fine. That literally happens. It’s somewhat weird down there when you’re prego.

I’d say you’re fine. If it continues just go to the doctor

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Go to This.

It’s probably cause he hasn’t had sex in awhile alot of build up

Go on and call your doctor :woman_health_worker: I’m sure she/he has heard it all by now

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We were in the same boat but at 37 weeks

Expect a little more discharge than usual during pregnancy due to the hormones and increase in blood flow/pressure down there.
Minor cramping is normal as your uterus stretches.
Severe cramping and any bright red bleeding, take your behind to the ER. Other than that, try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.


You good girl doctor told me it’s like rocking the baby to sleep😂 won’t hurt your baby at all your body will tell you when it’s getting to be uncomfortable

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If you even do lose part of your mucus plug before it’s time, it will regenerate. I hope that eases your mind a little.

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I’m 38+5… And damn girl … we have been doing it the whole time… As uncomfortable as I am now … I still want it :joy::joy::joy:

I wish people would learn the ins and outs of pregnancy before getting pregnant :woman_facepalming:


You don’t have to take extra precautions when your setting or in the mood! Lol

Just call your Dr. No 2 people are the same

Your placenta isn’t even fully formed until 12 weeks and your water is super tiny right now. You might want to read about the stages of pregnancy so you know what’s happening in your changing body.

You’re usually okay even with spotting after sex. Call if you’re worried but it is normal

Pain and bleeding regular is not normal

It’s normal and what your feeling is normal ahha … if ur gushing blood or clots than go straight to the hospital

You’re good! Extra discharge is normal when you’re pregnant, you would know if your water broke don’t worry. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe unless a dr states otherwise. I’m 35 weeks and have been having it through the entire thing :wink: but bring it up with your doctor if you’re concerned

Best bet is to go to your GP they can do a swab, test it and give you the results. They can also have a look at your cervix or refer you to get a ultrasound if needed.

Call your doctor. Don’t full around!!!

Get the book, “What to expect, while expecting”.

Your fine
Cramps are expected with sex. Alot more discharge is also expected because not only him but you get wet plus the discharge with pregnancy.

Baby is still extremely small and very well protected. Pregnancy in general will bring on a lot more discharge then normal and yes if you had sex last night the semen will be coming out. What goes up must come down.