Best affordable workout brands?

Any recs for affordable and comfortable workout leggings? I don’t want to roast or worry about transparency when I’m squatting. I’ve tried the gym people (Amazon) and those weren’t particularly flattering. I’ve found aerie to be really hot but willing to try again.

Costco always has some great workout legginga

The Tom tiger shorts and leggings are my favorite from Amazon. They are buttery soft and in my opinion they are squat proof.

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I like ewedoos off Amazon. Tummy control and not see through

So for leggings, idk how price compares to other brands, but constantly varied gear, they last and they are squat proof so no see through

Honestly, some sweatpants that are NOTexcessively baggy, cotton, lightweight, and a T-shirt. Of course, whatever underwear and bra that works the best for you whenever you were working out.