Best allergy medicine?

My little one is 16 months old. I took him to the doctor today because his little eyes get puffy and half way swollen like. This is the second time this has happened. His eyes are perfectly white with no drainage or anything like that it’s just his eyelids only that get puffy. It’s not hot to touch or bumpy.

They diagnosed it as contact dermatitis the first time.

It took three weeks to go away completely. It’s been about a month since it’s gone and here we are again. It’s back. He itches it all the time. It’s pitiful. When I went again to see what was going on they said his eyes look perfectly healthy no signs of pink eye or viral infections.

No fever or lack of appetite or anything like that. He mentioned getting an allergy test to see a possible allergy.

I’m curious if anyone has experienced something similar. If so what was the outcome? I know his could be different I’m just wondering what allergy could just cause puffy eyelids with no other symptoms.

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My son has common seasonal allergies and his and his sisters eyes only puff up and nothing else.


Do you have any pets in the house? Is he using any wool blankets? Any smokers in the house? These types of allergens can sometimes trigger allergic reactions in babies.