Best app to monitor teens?

Mama’s what’s best iPhone monitoring app for teens? We have iPhone.


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We use life 360 app for location monitoring.also if they drive it tracks their speed


Yes family set up right on the iPhone. Screen time

My partner and my daughter we use find my iPhone and we can see where we are.

Love 360 it’s amazing it does lots of things to

Life 360 ten dollars a month so worth it

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Smart family or life 360 for location. If you want to make sure they aren’t doing searching vulgar stuff or talking about it. look up the app Bark it monitors vulgar stuff and u can set it to notify you.

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You can set it all up via your phone to your teens or use your teens phone and set up screen time and you can block things you dont want

Life 360. You can see where your kids are and they can see where you are


How old is the teen and boy or girl. If you don’t trust your teen why give them a phone?


Bark, I’ve heard a ton of good things about it.

What kind of monitoring apps?

What are you looking to monitor?

As someone that was once a teen… don’t do it! There’s a better relationship to be had when you just ask and hope they trust you enough to be honest and tell you when something is wrong. Kids that are monitored and that have parents that snoop are the worst kids, signed… a bad teen with no privacy!


We love the life 360 app. $10 a month but well worth it

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360 for location. I know if you have Verizon, you can access all text messages and calls on their website. I’m not sure about other carriers.