Best baby bottles for throw up?

Best baby bottles for babies who constantly spit up?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best baby bottles for throw up?

Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Bottles. What my son uses. Green tube. He’s on special formula as well.

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Dr. Browns, but specifically with the inserts. They’re the green thing

We loved boons. I found they were the only ones to help

Dr browns, but do not heat up with the middle part in or else it will leak. Also please have your baby checked for reflux. Might need a prescription medication for the condition. Also resting them at an incline after feeding instead of flat.

Avent Natural. Dr. Browns have too many extra parts to clean. Gerber also has probiotic drops you can add daily to a bottle and those helped my son a ton! And just making sure he was propped upright after eating and not bouncing or burping him too much. Spit up always seemed worse when we “forced” him to burp. Also, making sure the bottle was between 110-114° at feeding time helped significantly! These Temps were recommended to help reduce spit up from the dr. They are preset heat options on our bottle warmers.

Dr. Brown’s

And like others said have baby checked for reflux and allergies.

Our youngest is lactose intolerant and would spit up (amoung other things) before we pin pointed it.
She did best on Dr. Brown’s bottles and Nutramigen.

they also make an AR formula which is for babies who spit up

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Dr. Brown bottles were my saving grace with my two youngest, who both had horrible acid reflux and would spit up after every feeding. Cleaning them is a bitch, because of all the extra parts, but that’s what they’re designed for.

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Playtex Drop-ins! They’re a little difficult to get the hang of at first because there’s a couple extra steps, but it’s 100% worth it because they get all of the air out of the bottles. They’re the only bottles I want to use if I have more babies :yellow_heart:

Natural Phillips avent bottles work good for us.

My daughter constantly spit up till about 6 mos . Dr browns bottle helped alot for gas and spit up as well as oval drops for gas

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MAM anti colic bottles