Best baby bottles?

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Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a good baby bottle? We are currently using the mam bottles but he is not doing well with them we’ve tried, even flo, dr browns, Walmart and the dollar kinds. My son is 6 months drinks formula and has tried a couple bottles, tried different nipples but they all still come up out super fast for him. Any recommendations on a good baby bottle???

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Tommee tippee, and they have a extra slow nipple


Avent that or the nuk the naturals or even regular :blue_heart:

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Simply nuk it’s similar to a woman’s nipple has several very small holes google for more info

I hate to say it but Dr. Browns worked best for my son too

I used the walmart brand with both of my babies but replaced the nipples with stage 1 dr brown ones.

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Tommy Tippee with #1 nipple! It’s the only bottle we’ve found that works for my daughter.

Avent for sure they have different nipple sizes too :slightly_smiling_face:

The avent close to nature ones are the BEST. They worked great when my daughter had colic

Avent all natural bottles

It’s the nipples there are different kinds of nipples for different ages

Phillips Avent is great!

They have premie flow for the Mandela bottles if slow flow or 1 flow is too fast, I would try that one see if it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Playtex drop ins ive heard are good and tommy tippees My daughter loves mam bottles though because the flat sides on the nipple.

Dependings on the age theres stage 1, 2, and 3. Nipples which each have a differemt flow.

My first son only took the Tommee Tippee. But my second son refused all except for the Adiri bottles. I breastfed both of my sons.

My son took this bottle since day 1 no issues

Avent. I have used them with 3 kids

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Get him a preemie nipple

My little loved the Avent :two_hearts:

My daughter is 2 months and her favorite is nuk bottles, my son hated them. They have 3 tiny holes it’s meant to mimic a real nipple.

We tried a few kinds but she settled on the dr brown. We started with the lowest flow nipple and it worked well.

Premature bottle nipples.

Nuk bottles are really good

Avent is what I used.Plus they have nice sipper cups too.

All three my kids ya the playtex bag bottles. They have 3 different nipples slow medium or fast my youngest is 9 months now and uses medium

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I love the Dr. Brown bottles, you can go online and order slower nipples for it :slight_smile:

Also recommending Avent!

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Vent air by playtex comes with slow nipples with the 6oz bottles and my daughter does good with those

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I like Playtex Ventair. I used them with both my son and daughter and they are amazing and a lot cheaper than some other brands.

Thermal bottles ! Very easy to clean and keeps the milk good and fresh while baby eats :slight_smile: you can get them at Walmart

And it’ll go to his speed of drinking

We use the reduced colic tommee tippee bottles and they are awesome. Only ones my baby can drink anything not get sick from

Medala are all I will use for my kiddos.

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I was OBSESSED with Avent bottles.

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These are cheap and have a slow flo.


Lansinoh momma bottles

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My son uses tommee tippee and he loves them

Have you tried any sippy cups?

U can buy different nipples for the bottles. Jus look for a slow flow


Are you more concerned about the flow or actual bottle itself? Make sure you check what size nipple you’re using because there’s some with faster or slower flows. If you’re buying 8oz bottles most of them come with size 2 nipples. I would buy size 1 nipples and try and see if that works before spending more money on new bottles.

Lansinoh was my middle babes favorite!

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Tommee tippee are really good

My baby uses Tommee Tippee. Since she was born and I haven’t had an issue.

I used simply natural nuk for my son

Try premie nipples . . .

If they’re coming out too fast for your little one try premie nipples instead of regular ones.

Lansinoh or Medela bottles that you use with breastpumps are good. They sell them separate at Walmart.

Playtex aventaire. My son was on a feeding tube for a while and when he switched to bottles this is what i use and he has no issues. Its slow enough for him

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Get premie or size 1 nipples

If it comes out to fast for him get preemie nipples

Avent bottles are awesome

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Playtex antivent it hss holes on the bottom to allow airflow. my daughter has done well with the natural flow nipples


Parents choice bottles.

Playtex anti colic, anti gas they have 6 and 9 oz at walmart

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Tommee tippee. Both my kids used them & never had any issues

Just try to use glass, plastic is the worst, even if it’s bpa free

Mam with a lvl 1 is slow flow.

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I had the ones with a plastic inside so as my son drank it there wasn’t any air as it would collapse as he drank the bottle. Playtex I think. Didn’t have a problem with the nipple.

My mom swears by the playtex bottles with the disposable (?) liners. I’m her 4th out of 5th and she buys a set every time someone we know is having a baby!

I have Playtex ventair bottle, both my boys used them. They have many different flow nipples

Avent makes a size 0 nipple, my son used it for the longest time before we switched at 10 months to Medela ( less bottles to clean)

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I used the Avent bottles and my daughter just turned 1. She couldn’t use the size 2 nipples because it was too much too fast so I stuck with the 0 or 1 till now(weaned her off a bottle)

Dr browns preemie nipple

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