Best baby monitor?

What baby monitors/cameras do you mamas use? Price? Quality? Thanks!

i got the owlet baby monitor and it never connected to my phone and tried 4 different phones to make sure it wasn’t mine i definitely don’t recommend it if you are going to spend the money you should just spend the money on a video security camera for the same price but that’s if you want to have a video monitor i got the basic baby monitor and it works perfect

I use BayIt cameras in all my rooms. They are affordable, night vision, 2 way audio, record and you can check in anywhere you have data I love them!

We just got the vtech one from Walmart. 100 bucks on Sale. Has alot of neat qualities. It can detect the temp in the room, has a good size screen. You can even press a button and talk to your baby without being in the room.

I’ve had the standard baby monitors and the baby monitors with APPs and nothing compares to what we have now. We have Nest cameras, nest doorbell and Ring motion cameras outdoors. The quality for the Nest cameras inside are amazing, two way speaker, motion sensor, night sensor. It video logs which protects you as a parent in case any accident ever happens. We have them in the living areas and our kids bedrooms. With the Nest doorbell you can mute the chime of your doorbell when the baby is asleep.

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Stuart Cam HD WiFi Camera Despicable Me

I have 9 of these around my house :blush: 2 way talk night vision and 2 day cloud storage for free

I ended up getting summer 2.0 plus and I paid $125 which was alot but it was worth it, great quality I even walked next door to my mom’s once and it actually reached, it has sound, you can talk to them from the monitor, move all the way around and up and down and the screen is a very good size I’ll add a picture

Just don’t use ones that use WIFI cuz they can be hacked and you don’t want strangers watching your baby. Believe it or not I have heard it happen there are sick people in this world.

We use one of the cheap monitors that is just sound it can plug into the wall or take batteries. It does its job.