Best baby monitors that monitor sound/movement?

Best baby monitors that notify movement, sound, and room temp?

The Optic camera was pretty good for some time and took a LOT of abuse, but still survived. Had issues with connection on and off. It’s pricey though (200$).

Currently have the Hello Baby and so far it’s working really well. Camera is large, has the ability to turn the screen off but activate once it registers noise, temperature with warnings that you can change, alarms, speaking, multi-camera, lullaby, zoom, and altering volume and brightness. Non-wifi. Long charging cord. Price is good at 80.

I don’t recommend the Vtec. The idea was really nice but a week after having it I threw the monitor on the charger and it disconnected from the cameras, wouldn’t reconnect, and I was SOL with a newborn for a bit lol.