Best baby video monitor?

Video baby monitors that don’t freeze, lag, or just shut off preferably with their own monitor (not through your phone) and that doesn’t connect through wifi


Is there such a monitor like that, that won’t connect to wifi?
I’d love to find a good one like you’re looking for as well as I’m currently expecting another and really want to get a baby monitor this time around and a good one to keep an eye on it as well. I’m just not sure there is such a thing you’re looking for, but I’m commenting to help this post been seen more to help you out.

My daughter use this one it came with two camera’s which can be mounted to the wall if you would like rather than to just sit them somewhere we had one mounted above the baby’s crib and one mounted in the playroom never had any issues with it she used it with her first and then again with her second. It’s an axvue monitor