Best bassinet for newborns?

Needing recommendations for a safe bassinet for newborns. All I’ve looked at have a lot good reviews but also some scary unsafe reviews. Help please! I’m at a loss and terrified of them all at this point.

I got the one I used from a second hand store for $5, it wasn’t anything special just a white bassinet on wheels. It worked just fine while she was small. Just make sure to keep small children and pets away from it but I’d say that for any of them.

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Yes you don’t need anything special or crazy… Just make sure no blankets or pillows or stuffed animals…


If u dont like them, then use the crib if u have one.

I’ve used this for two of my children now, the side comes up, it doesn’t have to stay low like that. I really like it. I’ve heard great things about the halo bassinet too. Any regular bassinet will work too.

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Newborns generally don’t move too much to make them unsafe as long as they are put together and used correctly. A bassinet isn’t used too long because babies don’t take long to become mobile.

this - or a Fisher price rock n play sleeper :heart:

I used a pack and play for my daughter. It has a top part and then you can lower it like a regular pack and play then when she was almost two I cut one part of the net and used it as a bed for a few months until I actually got her a toddler bed


I tried using the top portion of a pack n play, but my daughter didn’t sleep great because I think it was too “open” for her. Ended up using Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinet. She slept great after she felt more enclosed.

Remember, if the word bassinet isn’t in the description, it isn’t a “safe sleeper”

My first baby slept in a laundry basket beside my bed, but I’ve great reviews about the halo bassinet

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The Fisher Price Rock N Play was a lifesaver! Was planning on getting one for my newest addition, but I found a great deal on the Graco Dreamglider at Walmart. It reclines like a seat but also lays flat like a bassinet. 6 different gliding motions, vibrates, and plays music. Got it for $45… Originally $179!! Can’t wait to to try this out. Lots of great reviews on it also.

We used a rock and play until my son hit 7 months old now he is in his play pen in our room

I had this & loved it. The bassinet was perfect because it was detachable & I could bring it anywhere in the house or if we wanted to go visit family it was easy to take with us. As soon as he got a bigger I removed that and there is a middle section. Then after that you take the middle out and he used the bottom until we Decided he was big enough for his crib in his room. I high recommend these

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Mine was a plain white bassinet with a battery operated mobile. Super simple. As long as it has its lil flat pad and mesh sides I wouldn’t worry. Newborns (<1 month) aren’t too grabby. By the time it could be a hazard, usually they’re moved to a bigger bed already

Legally if it has the word “bassinet” in the title, it meets safe sleep standards. Nothing else does.

Dream on me travelers bassinet was the best one in regards to reviews, size, weight limit (up to 25 lbs) and sturdy.

I have one with the mesh on the sides! I’m glad I got it too cuz my son loves to sleep with his face pressed against the sides :joy::joy: