Best bath soap for sensitive skin?

What kids bath soap do you use for kids with sensitive skin. I’ve tried almost everything Walmart has and she still breaks out


It’s not bar it’s the liquid cerve for kids. The best one out there

I would stick with the actual baby section for soaps. It might also be the shampoo and conditioner you use and it runs down her body. Just a thought

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I use eucerin baby wash. It’s scent and dye free. My daughter has horrible ezcema and super sensitive skin and we’ve been using this since she was a baby with no issues. She’s almost 5 now and I still use it on her.

Aveeno soothing oatmeal body wash

My son had really bad eczema when he was a baby and the only thing I could use on him was babo botanicals, dye and fragrance free from Amazon. But bare minimum it needed to be fragrance and dye free, they are usually always the reason behind irritated skin

Tubby Todd Bath Co. fragrance free.