Best birth control for teens?

Hi mamas. Curious about what birth controls you have chosen for your teenage girls. We are looking for a birth control that does NOT make you gain weight and does NOT make you break out in acne. I do plan on discussing this with the dr im just curious as to what experiences your teenage daughters have had. There are so many different options now. TIA


my daughter is currently on the patch and she is much happier. the pill had her bleeding so bad she was in the hospital.

BC affects everyone differently and there’s absolutely no way to know or tell before she starts them​:woman_shrugging: Also, the same BC you’ve done fine with for years and years can out of nowhere change on you and cause all kinds of serious issues​:flushed: And I had to learn that the hard way. My husband finally got a vasectomy in 2019 bc I just could not get my body back to “normal” and it got to the point that the side effects and symptoms were ruining my life​:weary::weary::weary: It’s been YEARS since he had his surgery and I got my BC out and I’m STILL trying to figure out wtf “normal” means for me now​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: BC is presented as such a normal part of society today but it is actually quite dangerous and hazardous and it’s really sad that all the responsibility in this aspect is placed on women only​:triumph: Male BC could be so much safer for their bodies​:100::100::100: But for whatever reason, it’s totally normal for a lot of things to be expected of women, but once men being put in the same position comes up, everyone is appalled​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:
Do your research! Help her learn, learn what signs and side effects to look for with EACH AND EVERY BC you try! Make sure you follow up with her and you’re both paying close attention to her body during these years! I totally get why you’d want her on it, but then be extra responsible in teaching her how to properly care for herself and her body, bc once you’re in my shoes, it seems there’s just no going back to normal🤷‍♀️


Honestly everyone reacts differently to every bc… It took me 5 or 6 until I found the one I like that didn’t make me crazy with hormones and such. So talk to the Dr and remember it may take a couple months for the hormones to balance once they start taking a new one so don’t give up right away give it a few weeks /months before deciding

I did the depo shot for about 5 years (from 18-23) and gained over 75lbs that was impossible to lose until I had gastric surgery. I spent hours a day at the gym and couldn’t lose anything.

I was on the patch as teenager and didn’t have many issues but wasn’t on it for long, maybe 6 months. It was a little uncomfortable.

I have 2 friends who had the implant and they both had some pretty intense mental health issues from it and one had significant weight gain

Have the conversation with your obgyn. There are so many options to educate yourself on and to make the proper choice for your daughter that won’t cause lasting damage in the long run of usage🤦
the pill is not fully effective unless taken at the same time every day and can cause hormonal disruptions, high/low/no hormone options are available.
The patch needs to be secured in a place that does not get exposed to the sun as it will absorb faster through open pores once again, causing too much hormone to be delivered leading to disruptions in behaviour and emotions
The ring is removable after 3 weeks; you’re prepared comes the next. You may choose to keep it in all four it’s up to you and the agreement with your ob. It should be removed before any sexual intercourse because it can get lodged around the head of your partners penis. It delivers hormone directly to the cervix.
Depo is effective as a long term birth control but unfortunately had been proven in long term use to cause early onset osteoporosis.
Iud is available in both copper and plastic; like the depo it is also a long term birth control of five years. Can cause the stopping of your period all together, you may experience cramping after insertion. Walking will help that tremendously. 63+% of women will see a lightening or complete stoppage of their cycle by month 5

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with info from the nexplannon in the arm as I’ve never had it given as an option for the up here (southern Ontario, Canada)

I wish you luck!

As a teen I had the nexplanon (arm implant) I loved it no periods no weight gain no acne nothing
I was very hormonal for the first month or two but the. It leveled oit

Make sure you know depo is not ment to be long term bc!!! It’s loses its effectiveness and if no one tells u…bam surprise pregnancy!! Starting depo young contributed to alot of problems… also implants before having a successful birth should not be aloud! Mirana should be banned.

I had the nexplanon as a teenager and no side effects but you should really do what works for her instead of just looking at the side effects. They all have those as possible side effects except the non hormonal IUD, which she may not be comfortable having one of those. If she’s not good about taking pills daily (like me) an implant may be best, or if she doesn’t want to commit going in every so often.

My daughter has the IUD and has had no issues and it’s good for 10 years


My youngest started on nexplanon when she was 14 , now she’s 23 and on her 3rd one, she likes them alot

Do NOT do nexplanon.

There is a group on Fb called nexplanon nightmares.

It messed me up so bad. I was in and out of dr offices and hospitals for a year.

Do research before doing any birth control

I will never get any form again.

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I had a stroke from Yasmin there are over 19000 cases settled against Bayer. Lawyer had a Dr test it and it has a 75% higher risk of blood clots than others.

Stay away from Depo shots for any young woman. They have been linked not only to side-effects like weight gain and acne but more worrisome, infertility.

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My 2 girls are on depo
No side effects

Unfortunately most of them have those issues listed as side effects. This is really something you should ask an OB/GYN though

please just DONT. you are deciding it’s okay to totally ruin her hormones. talk to your daughter about her cycle and try to get a natural way of birth control. checking your temp every day is one way you can see a pattern of a spike in temperature over a period of a few days and that is when you should not have sex.
i think that’s 100x better than ruining your kid with bc.

My daughter does the patch. She is looking into an IUD for when she goes away to school this fall, but she’s had the patch for almost 2 years and it has helped her periods, no acne, no weight gain.

I recommend the nexplanon. Between me and my 4 sisters we all have used it. Periods are crazy but that can happen with any birth control anyways none of us had excessive weight gain or acne. Also did not get pregnant while we were on it the birth control but all of us were able to have babies after the birth control was taken out The longest one of us had it in was 5 years before getting pregnant


10 years ago I was on depo shot. I gained weight with it and ended up prego with my youngest. A few friends used depo. They gained weight as well.

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No depo shot it’s only suppose to be used for short term

Copper iud. No hormones involved and good for 12 yrs.

Yeah, it’s called abstinence. Tell your teenage girl to keep her legs closed!

Paraguard is hormone free.

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Try Keeeping Legs Togather!


Everyone is different when it comes to any kind of medicine. I was on the DEPO in my teen years. I gained weight on it. I think I had acne on it too but not sure since I always had acne. But I never had periods. Which was a plus lol. Other than that I was good.

The depo shot was the best option for me when I was a teenager

Copper iud is the only non hormonal birth control. I have been using it for years

I done a Depo shot for a long long time and when my daughter is at a certain age she will also be getting the Depo shot

I personally prefer the mini pill, I don’t gain weight and I feel the fewest side effects than any other pill I’ve tried. Too nervous to try anything else.

The implant nexplanon has been my favorite.

No weight gain. Periods are very light or I don’t even have one.


I went on depo when I was 15 for about a year. Then again for roughly 6 months when I was 19. I actually lost weight while I was on it. Both times. No acne, zero period the entire time. I did however develop horrible mood swings. To be honest, I was not pleasant to be around. At all. I also started growing facial hair, which is why I stopped using it the first time. When I decided to give it another try at 19, the problem got worse, and became permanent.

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Weight gain is a common side effect with any hormonal birth control. I would recommend taking her to the gynecologist they know best! Ask non-hormonal options.

My daughter uses kyleena IUD. No weight gain or acne for her.

Birth control affects everyone differently. I was on DEPO for about 7 years and never gained weight, I actually struggled to gain weight while on it. I did have acne but it was normal teen acne, not aggressive needing prescription skincare to eliminate.
I went on the pill after and I gained weight like crazy and had horrible acne.

I’d be more worried about PBCS…. I was on the pill from 15-24… can’t take it now. And now have a world of hormonal issues.


I bled entire time on depo injection. Still bleeding now and I’ve been off it for 2 months almost. Also got pregnant on the copper IUD. So I am now on mini pill and it seems fine

I was on the pill in middle and high school to control my extreme cycles. I didnt gain weight or break out but I did have to remember to take it every morning

I have so many friends who got pregnant whilst using birth control and it doesn’t protect against STDs. Consider getting some barrier methods for her purse at the same time!


This really is a conversation best had with her OBGYN. Birth control affects everyone differently. I had a terrible experience with the implant (Implanon, not Nexplanon, but I’m pretty sure they’re almost the same): I bled almost the entire 3 years I had it in, it made me lose a scary amount of weight, and it gave me terrible mood swings. Depo was even worse. I’m on the mini pill now and have been for 3 years, it has it’s ups and downs, but is the best option for me currently given that I’ve been nursing my toddler since birth. She may have to try out a couple before she finds one that works best for her.


I used to be on depo and lost weight and no acne and no mood swings or babies until I was ready

The best ones I used were the nuvaring (teen girls probably wouldn’t like it) and my nexplanon implant

Acne and weight gain would be the symptoms i’d be the least worried about triggering. There are a lot of very serious side effects of birth control that I would research before you decide to go that route.


Nuvaring is the best one I’ve ever used, I’ve been on it for four years and it’s great; my dr recommended it and I’d never use anything else

I put my daughter on nexplanon. She’s 17yrs old (18 next month) and she’s 5’4 and 115lbs. It goes in your arm and lasts for 3yrs. 8ts stopped her period and cramping. She really likes it. I was on it for 6 yrs when I was a young adult and liked it as well.

Every woman reacts to contraception differently, I’m afraid it’s going to be trial and error xx

My daughter 17 is on the depo shot, she’s been on it since the birth of her daughter, no weight gain, no acne and no crazy periods and best of all no more babies, she was on the patch and she was allergic to the adhesive so it didn’t work and she’s terrible about remembering medications, due to the patch issue and another allergy the implant wasn’t an option for her

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My daughter has been using depo ( not for birth control though) for a couple of years now, with not side effects at all

Do not do the depo I had to have a emergency hysterectomy

Take her to her doctor. Everyone is different and they will provide her the best option based on her medical history.

Birth control is horrible for your body. I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I would educate yourself how bad it is before doing so.


They all have some flaws. I had an etopic pregnancy on the pill(lost a fallopian tube). On Nexoplan(arm implant) I gained a lot of weight quickly and had very heavy menstrual flows but sporadic. Sometimes I’d go months between menstruation but then there was times it’d only be about 10 days between. I had been taking zoloft for years but nexoplan gave me so many mood swings and depression despite being on a mood regulation medication. When I explained all this to my obgyn she agreed to take it out but denied that nexoplan caused these issues. There are thousands of woman saying similar things about nexoplan on reddit.

I would start with an implant type….it can always be removed if there are complications with it.
Reason for this is teens aren’t always the best at remembering to take a pill
Also buy her condoms (STDs) and explain and show her how to use it and why they are also a necessity… also explain No Glove No Love

Anything but nexplanon. I was bleeding every 2 weeks

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Depo ruined my periods. I don’t reccomend.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose for her because each of them have side effects differently for every body.

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I have mixed feelings on teenage girls using it. I’ve never had good experiences with birth control, and I personally worry about the effects of long term use. That said, I wouldn’t recommend the pill, just because that’s easy to slip up and forget to take on time or altogether. I hated implanon, which is just like nexplanon. I would say maybe a copper iud? But it’s going to depend on her and her body, so ultimately, I would go with what the doctor recommends for her personally.

Creeps me out when Mothers write things like this…Let your daughter be the grown up and seek information from her Dr. Yea, sit on on the convo, but don’t lead it…If she’s old enough to be snagging, it’s in HER best interests to step up for herself not via Mum. And get her 12doz condoms to protect her from STDs…

This is a horrible question to ask facebook. Birth control affects everyone different. You should really ask your child’s dr…

This is a conversation that I would have with your teen and her doctor. Unfortunately every birth control on the market has weight gain and acne as side effects - just like the other many kinds of side effects. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the many forms. For myself, I swear by the nuva ring. That was my favorite and I was on it for years. I highly recommend staying away from the depo though

IUD, the little ones like Kylena.

What works for one as far as no side effects won’t be the same for the next. It’s gonna be trial and error.

Slynd it’s a new birth control with no hormones