Best birth control that does not cause weight gain?

Best form of contraception that doesn’t cause weight gain thats effective and go…

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I have the nexplannon and it’s amazing no side effects what so ever

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I use to b on mononessa a generic form for sprintec n I never gained weight

Abstinence. :smile: Do they still make diaphragms and The Sponge?

Nexplanon has the same hormones as depo if you are familiar with the shot. I bleed endlessly on both of them and told it was normal. I also gained a lot of weight on them. I havent tried it but there is a nonhormonal IUD i would hope wouldnt cause weight gain since it doesnt use hormones.

Removal of Fallopian Tubes

I have the Liletta IUD. Inserted beginning of May 2023. For the first week or two I had some crampy pain and nausea, took Tylenol to ease it and warming pads to cope. By the end of the second week, my body got used to it and I’ve been fine since. No weight gain, lighter, almost non existent periods and no pregnancy scares.

Insertion was initially very uncomfortable (felt like 2 pinches, plus they used the pu$$y stretcher 3000 :skull:) but manageable.

I would NOT recommend the depo shot as that one has a known side effect of possible weight gain.

Also I do NOT recommend the mini pill, as myself and several other women have landed pregnant, even when taking them correctly and religiously.

I hope you find one that works for you :heart: