Best birth control?

So me and my SO dont want another baby yet. I have a 10 month old right now and she is a handful and i want to wait. This will be my first time on birth control. So what do you ladies find that works best with the least amout of hassle


Nexplanon it’s the implant that goes in ur arm and it lasts up to 3 years


There literally isn’t a one size fits all form of birth control. You’ll most likely have to try one or two different kinds at least to find what works for you

I’m on a form of mini pill and I’ve been on it twice and love it.

The old fashioned pill for me

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I have been on the depo shot. It’s easier for me.

IUD. Paragaurd has no hormones

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If you are bfing, but we have dont NFP for about 7 years now❤

Our…insert and good for 5 years with no period basically!! Works like a charm. This year I will have my #3 inserted…

Pills are the easiest and least complicated. IUDs can move and get stuck in places they aren’t supposed to and have a high risk of rupturing the colon, arm implants can also migrate and get infected easily.

I took the pill from 2009 up until about 2018 it worked great. You just have to remember to take it. I had an alarm set every night

Depo shot. You get it once every 3 months. I’ve heard way to much bad about most of the other types of birth control. The pill needs to be taken at the same exact time everyday. I know someone who took it 30 minutes later then normal and got pregnant. The implants can come out or move or even get embedded. And I’ve heard of woman getting pregnant on those and having a high risk pregnancy. The implant in the arm I’ve heard of getting infected. The patch a woman actually dropped dead in a subway from. Obviously all those once I’ve mentioned being bad in one way or another habe also worked perfectly for some woman and may even work great for you. Just sharing my opinion on why I stay away from them. I was in the depo shot for 3 years had sex ALL the time and never got pregnant. I didn’t gain weight like some do it actually helped me control my weight.

Nexplanon worked well for me, but I hate the fact that BC scarred my arm. Mirena IUD was good.

IUD !!! The first 6 months are a pain with almost constant bleeding but 4 years no period thank you

Depo shot was the worst for me i personally wouldnt recommend it. I constantly bled the entire time gained a ton of weight and felt so depressed on it. Ive heard alot of people have these problems with it.
I love the nexplanon had no side effects and i loved having no period.
I refuse to do any iuds especially mirena because my friend had hers move and she had to have surgery to get it removed and she can never have kids again now. Did research and apparently its really common and thats why theres lawsuits on it.

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Condoms! I have been using them for 18 years and I have never regretted it. Everything else (pills, shots, etc) is all on the women, but not condoms. Plus… no leaky mess for me!!! :blush::blush::blush:.


I’m on nexplanon and have been for 5-6m now… i love it, didnt hurt too bad and i am not going to complain about extra bleeding as long as I’m not pregnant. xD

My copper IUD is awesome. No hormones and good for up to 10 years.

I track my periods and ovulation on an app, use condoms and spermicide. I cannot handle hormonal birth control it makes me crazy :sob: though it can be a bit expensive buying condoms and stuff it’s cheaper than a kid and my sanity is saved.

Following…never had good experiences with birth controls…was on the pill…still got pregnant…twice…got the nexplanon just incase taking the pill alil after time do was my reasons why it didnt work but somehow managed to still end up pregnant with the implant…got depo and was on it for almost 6 months…got off it due to irregular periods and weight gain and the menstrual cramps were worse then id ever had…couldnt get pregnant for almost 2 yrs…got pregnant in june…miscarried july and pregnant again in September and im due in 4 weeks. Deff would also like to find something that works without horrible side effects.