Best birth control?

I am 22 going on 23. On my third pregnancy. Talked about getting my tubes tied but I’m second guessing it due to it being permanent. I was on the pill before but didn’t work so good. Any other birth controls you ladies can suggest? Hopefully not one that’s known for gaining weight. Wanna try and get back into shape after this little one gets here in a couple weeks. Thank you.


Getting your tubes tied can be reversible.

Best birth control I ever used was implanon I think it might be called nexplanon now but I’m not sure this was over 8 years ago


You can get your tubes clamped now. That’s what I got done. And you can get them unclamped later on if you wanted more kids

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You can get tour tubes untied

Life is long and 3 beautiful kids is alot of fabulous hard work , it’s ok to make a permanent decision, you won’t regret it in my opinion.


I had my 3rd baby 3 wks after i turned 23 lat yr and got my tubes burned so its permanent 3 kids is a lot of work and i wouldnt change my decision if i had a redo best choice i made

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I too have 3 kids and considered a tubal litigation, but opted out on birth control instead. I’m on the Nuvaring and really like it, because I have zero side effects and I dont have to take it every single day- insert 1 ring for 3 wks, take it out and throw it away for a week, then put in a new one. And it doesn’t require “surgery” like the arm implant or the iud. You insert and remove it yourself. Ive been on it for 2 years now. However, as I turn 29 this year and am positive Im done having kids, I an going to be opting for the tubal litigation in the near future.

The mirena IUD I believe you can have it for up to 10 years…

The depo has worked for me I love not having to worry about taking a pill everyday. I just get a shot every 3 months

I’ve had my tubes tied since I was 24. Best decision for me. I’ve conceived on the pill, patch and shot so I needed a better solution.

IUD worked for me. I had the one that lasted 5 years. No weight gain and it’s non-hormonal.

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The pill is probably like the worst birth control ever. I had the IUD for 4 years I was nauseous daily switched to the shot and not sick

IUD works great. And if you change your mind later down the road your man could get snipped :grimacing: let recovery time.

Nexplanon. It last 3 years. I was on the depo but hated having to get the shot every 3 months. No side affects from either.

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Make your husband get a vasectomy :wink: no birth control, no surgery for you and no more babies

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Depo was the worst for me constantly bled gained a ton of weight on it and felt so depressed on it.
I love my nexplanon have no side effects and i love having no periods.

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The most common side effects reported by users of NuvaRing are irritation inside your vagina or on your cervix; headache (including migraine); mood changes (including depression); the ring slipping out or causing discomfort; nausea and vomiting; vaginal discharge; weight gain; vaginal discomfort; breast pain, discomfort, or tenderness; painful menstrual periods; abdominal pain; acne; and less sexual desire.

I’m looking into birthcontrol again aswell so I’m researching a lot of things and so far the patch and pill sounds the best…

22 and even 23 is very young to make such a permanent decision. Try a copper IUD as they last 10 years.

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I’m 27 on my third, my entire pregnancy I was saying I wanted my tubes tied. Now that I’m in the last few weeks I went back on it. My obgyn recommended the mirena. She said it’s at effective. So I’m going to try that for now.

There is a shot you can get more like a procedure it’s 99.95% effective and it’s a little match stick wand that is inserted into your arm. Lasts 3-5 years.

I had my tubes tied and had heavy periods and didn’t feel so great since I suggest having your hubby do the vasectomy. I had twins two son’s previously so I was done done … lol

I’m 24 and was 23 when I got pregnant with my son. The entire pregnancy, up till this day, I still don’t want anymore. I have two. 3 year old daughter and now 1 year old son. I have no doubts at all that I don’t want anymore, I couldn’t handle it🤷🏼‍♀️ just me!
If you have any doubts, don’t do it because it is a big deal and it is permanent, you may want more in the future if you’re doubting yourself now. I tried the depo once, ONE SHOT, and never did it again. It was horrible and I hated it. I’m still not on birth control.
Good luck mama!:sparkling_heart:

I had the Mirena IUD and I never gained weight from it. I didn’t have a period for 5 years, which was awesome. Never had any issues with it.

I was on the patch and absolutely love it!

In on the mini pill. They gave it to me after I had our daughter. I’ve tried the combined bc pills but had all the side effects. The mini pill is great no side effects and I still can lose weight on it which is. Huge bonus.Been taking it for 5 years

I was on the pill for 7 years before we tried it worked very well for me, maybe iud for you?

Girl get them tubes tied… Best decision i ever made… Cant take birth control for health reasons but im happy with the decision i made…

I told myself not to do it before 30. You never know what life might throw at you between 25 and 30. I do not regret this decision at all. I am having mine tied this summer at 31.

Paragard IUD. It’s non hormonal and lasts for 10 years

I’m 24 with three kids my youngest is 10 months, I did get my tubes tied and unfortunately I’m very unhappy with my choice. So MAKE sure that’s what you want!!

Have your dude get a vasectomy

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Xulane Patch! The Easiest to keep up with. I’ve had NO side effects what so ever and I’ve had it for almost 6 months.

I was on the depo shot for a long time. I never gained weight or had any problems. I was stupid to get my tubes tied

I’m almost 23 also have 3 kids and I was gonna get my tubes tied but changed my mind because as u said it’s permanent so I got the depo shot instead I have decided I want one more in a few years because I have a 2 year old a 1 year old and a 5 month old

The depo shot was the best thing ever.

I was on mirena iud for 5 years, no periods no side effects no pregnancies, its a good choice if u know ur done for a while u can have it removed whenever u feel like it. Afterr i ha d mine removed i was preggo in 6 months :slight_smile:

I love my nexplanon!!

I love my nexplanon!!

I have a copper iud. No hormones and its the best thing ever.

Cutting, tying, burning, or removing your tubes is NOT permanent, they will grow back (may be several years later) and a guy getting fixed is not permanent either. They all have a chance of becoming undone.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best birth control?

I hesitate to recommend an IUD because of my personal experience… but it has been a good option for many women without issue.


none of its good. better learn to pull out or get condoms.


I like my nexplanon.


The depo is different each time we’ll has been for me, I was on it before I got pregnant with my eldest then came off it and went back on it when I had her and I didn’t gain weight I then came off it had my youngest and went back on it straight away bend on it since and I’ve gained weight, really want to come off it but don’t want another baby, I wanted to be sterilised but they wouldn’t because my age and I’ve only had 2 children

Come babysit my toddler I was told recently by her sitter “she’s the best birth control out there” lmfao! :sob::joy:


in all honesty, the depo shot is not good for you, i had my OB tell me over time it starts to thin out your bones, she wont give it to anyone that comes into her office.
i would try the IUD, i know some people had bad experiences but i also heard alot of people have great experiences on it.

I have my 2nd iud and have never had issues…no periods at all and works for 5 years

If you don’t feel comfortable getting birth control then don’t get it. If you plan on having sex you can use a condom too there’s female and male condoms. If you want birth control I would try the iud (99% effective) or birth control patch (91% effective) or the implant (99% effective)

Mirena IUD I’ve heard the copper one causes problems

I’m on Mirvala it’s a pill and I haven’t had any side effects what so ever. It’s the only birth control I’ve ever taken. What ever you do STAY AWAY from the IUD, there has been so many woman who have had to have them surgically removed from being lodged in the vaginal wall


All of them have side effects, you just have to find what’s right for you. I can’t do depo due to the horrible side effects I had. Now I just track my cycle and only have sex on “safe” days.

Nexplanon made me bleed constantly super heavily for over 3 months til I made them remove it

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I use to be on the patch which was a weekly thing and it worked well for me

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I don’t know about anything else only was on the pill had 2 different ones one gained and one lost weight but for me I set a regular time to take my an alarm on phone or something or by a TV show I watched regularly at certain time that was my reminder. To take.

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I never had an issue with depo was on it 3 years got off and am pregnant now. My doctor said it effects everyone differently. I had 0 issues.


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I have an IUD Marina and I like it. I have had it for almost a year (in august) got it 8 weeks after my daughter was born. I am still able to nurse, I haven’t had my period since the post natal bleeding stopped. Sex drive has been off. But I have really bad Depression and PPD so that could be a side effect I don’t know. Other then that of all the BC I have been on and not on I like this one the best.

I had an IUD for 6 years after my daughter, you can gain weight but you just need to be careful, I had to get the marina I think it’s called. It was 500$ but it worked wonders, no periods or cramps, no pill reminders. However my mom had one and the doctors lost the string and had to surgically remove it but there are side effects to most birth control. I’m on the depo shot now and am gaining much more weight and having much more problems. I couldn’t take pills I’d get headaches and other problems when I remembered to take them :woman_facepalming: if you are consulting a healthcare professional like I did they helped me weed out the options I couldn’t use, and ended up with the IUD. Many people complain about them but I had no problems after a very traumatic birthing experience I decided to take that risk and it paid off. Goodluck, it’s hard to find what’s right for you and your body. Only reason we opted not to get another one put in is because we want to try for another soon, our girl is 7 now and I haven’t had a period since I was pregnant because of the birth control types I have been using which according to my doctor may cause other complications later.

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I have used Nuvaring for 6 years and I love it. You can take it out when you have sex, just have to put it back in after. I was on the depo and it messed up my body so badly that I thought I couldn’t conceive anymore. I bleed for almost 1 year straight and still get occasionalpains in my ovaries from it. I can’t remember pills everyday either. Nuvaring helped regulate me and put my lady parts back in order. Birth control effects everyone differently. Ask your doctor options and side effects. They should be able to help you. Also do your research on IUD and Nexplanon.

Nexplanon worked great for me. It does effect everyone different. I only had periods for 4days it was very light and barely no cramps. I didn’t gain any weight I got it twice.


Love my Mirena. 4th year not a single issue or period!


Iud but be sure they know when it needs placed in your cycle (right when you start your period). That will make a night and day difference. The first one I had placed when I wasn’t on my period was torture and bled heavily for like ten weeks and had nothing but issues. My second one was placed during my period and it has been great.


Minera coil. Stopped my period completely within 3 months. No cramps or spotting. No weight gain. Best thing I ever used


Ask your doctor about Implenon or the IUD.


Pulling out isn’t birth control and condoms are helpful but have the highest failure rate.

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Liletta IUD, very similar to the Mirena, but apparently there’s less side effects.


I loved the Mirena IUD, I had a Paragard one first and it was terrible, lots of heavy bleeding but then I switched to Mirena and it made my periods very very light and easy.


Pill is doable with an alarm

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I had Mirena for 10 years before I took it out to have my son. Loved it had no issues. I am also back on it until I hit Menopause in a few years.

How the heck is the ring falling out during sex? Are you putting it in your vagina :rofl: idk I’ve used it and never had an issue with it falling out during sex :woman_shrugging:

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Try an IUD as they should stay in your vagina and they are supposed to keep you from getting pregnant. Other than that you can use a diaphram - you only have to empty and rinse it after use.