Best books for an 11-year-old?

What books do you recommend for an 11yr old? Comment your lists


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best books for an 11-year-old?

For boys my sons loved bad kitty books and diary of wimpy kid

These are my daughters current wants. She’s 11.

Girl or boy? Juney b Jones, baby sitters club, goosebumps

Are you there God it’s me Margret

Any of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie books. Nancy Drew detective books. Hardy Boys. Trixie Belden detective books. I know these are old books, but they are fun and don’t have a lot of violence and that stuff. No drugs or smoking. None of that. I liked them and still do. You might also try biographies. Annie Oakley is an interesting historical figure. When I was that age I liked the Dale Evans Rogers books. They were kind of sad, but they reflected family values. The kind of things that you’d like your kids to emulate.

What are they interested in? Cooking, crafts, mysteries, romance.