Best bottle for breastfed babies?

Help! Need direction on getting a baby to accept a bottle.

This is my 4th child, first daughter. She is 7 weeks old tomorrow. I have breastfed all my babies, none of the boys had any problem taking a bottle and never had nipple confusion, they didn’t care where it came from, I could give them boob and when I worked they took bottle. This little darling won’t put anything but flesh in her mouth. I’ve been pumping so I know it’s not a flavor thing. Even pumped end immediately poured it into a bottle for it so its not freshness lol. She refuses a binky as well (I’ve tried practically every kind, seriously).

I love breast feeding her so I wouldn’t have an issue with any of this EXCEPT I work… and will be returning to work in a matter of weeks. I have got to get this going as im freaking out! Stressing about my baby going through the adjustment of me being gone and now going hungry…

I first attempted a bottle a couple weeks ago when it was a clear no go I stopped pushing then. I have tried a couple times this week, one being just earlier today. I made sure she was nice and hungry thinking she might be less picky. Touched the nipple to her lips and she immediately let it into her mouth, made a face, bit down then pushed it out of her mouth. Repeated this with lots of screaming, chewing on the nipple and zero latching or suction. I even dumped it all into another bottle with a different nipple.

So beat red crying baby got her booby and is now a happy camper.
Help! Any tips or advice welcome (as long as your not suggesting I quit working lol)