Best bottle for breastfed baby?

What is the BEST bottle for breastfed baby. One that baby will be able to go from breast to bottle with no problem?
I’ve been looking at Comotomo, boon nursh and Avent natural.
I’d love to know what your breastfed baby likes best before I spend money on something that will be useless! Tysm! :heart:
Also pacifiers too!


Mam bottles are amazing. My sons used them since he was born. He’s now 8 months. And we use nuk pacifiers.


Lansinoh momma bottles!

We did nuk simply natural from 1 week till 17 months with no issues

For my little one it’s avent

We used and loved the mam bottles as well. I’m surprised to see it recommended so much!

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Avent natural my son actually wont take the mam bottles but i only breastfed for 3.5 months and he always did well with the avent natural

My breastfed baby wasnt picky, I got lucky. She took whatever bottle or pacifier I gave her

Smilo all the way!!! Bottles and pacis are AMAZING!!

Both my girls did well with the comotomo and I loved how easy to clean they were

Mine took the bottles that came with my pump. :woman_shrugging:t2: as long as you pace feed and keep a size 0 or 1 nipple the entire time, they more than likely won’t have a problem switching back and forth.

I breastfeed and express. I use tommee tippee closer to nature, bottle and dummy.

I used Tommee tippee. I nursed my son till 3 and he went fine to a bottle when I returned to work. He only got it while I was gone and my daughter was the same.

I use The First Years Breast Flow bottles. My son loves them.

My breastfed baby has loved Dr Browns
Their anti colic bottles are :raised_hands:t2:
She has never had gas problems from Day 1

It really depends on baby’s preference.

Mam for both worked for my kids.

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We use avent. He goes on the boob just fine. I pump and bottle feed but he does both

I’m going to try the nanobebe heard and read it’s a great bottle for bf babies

Tommie tippy ortho binkies

Mine only liked latex nuk at first and then eventually silicone nuk. Depends on the baby.

Dr brown:)
Mine both go back and forth from boob to bottle and have had any nipple confusion

Totally depends on baby’s preference
All three of my kids took a different bottle. Dr. Browns, Nuk and Mams.

Dr. Brown’s has a new wide mouth bottle. My whole family goes with Dr.Brown

The only one my son took in the few times I tried was the one that came with my Mendela breast pump

Comotomo for bottles and Mam for pacifiers! I breastfed my twins for 13 months and had such a great experience!


My daughter just loved MAM . i loved how easy they were to sanitize

if your child is anything like most babies, you’ll probably have to try several before you find the one they like. i was lucky to have cousins who had babies around the same time, so we all had a little collection we could “sample” a couple before buying a supply :slightly_smiling_face:. that said, my son took to the avent ones really well.

My son(18m) bf til 7 months and liked comotomo to top him off during growth spurts, they were easier to clean than other brands. My daughter(6y) only bf 6 weeks and she had tommee tippee, once she had a bottle she started to refusing to latch. MAM pacifiers since birth for both of them.

I would buy a few different ones and see which your babies prefers. We tried mam, dr. Brown’s, nanobebe, and he always preferred Avent. Never had any issues going from breast to bottle. We use mam & Avent soothie pacifiers. He also really likes the wubbanub.

Dr browns and/or MAM!

Avent bottles are amazing for breastfed babies. I have used them with both my kids and never had any issues

I can’t say enough about the nuk simply natural! They have a wide base similar to a breast and the nipples have multiple holes (still a slow flow though which is good) to simulate the breast. I researched bottles for days before deciding on that one and they have been excellent!

I always used the simple ones, there is no need to get fancy with it cause no matter what it’s still different and the baby had to learn how to get what they need out no matter what kind it was so for all five of mine I kept it simple and never had any issues. Babies are smart and can switch back and forth with ease once they get used to it

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MAMs Bottles and Binkies

My daughter uses evenflo bottles and nurses
And the NUK soothies binkies

Nuk! And they aren’t overpriced bull crap. All avent bottles i tried leakes

Sounds bit odd but if u look at the teats of the different brands and try the ones that are closest to the size and shape of your own nipples. :+1:

Tommee tippee bottles

Mam. .my girl wanted breast but I didnt get any milk at all so I gave her mam bottles she loves them. And pacis too

Tommie tippee pacifiers the round ones there made to look and feel more breast like. My daughter uses them and that the only binkie she will use and she only breastfed. As for bottles dr browns bottles worked for my nephew and godson

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I use these for my ebf baby. We only use them on longer car rides when I cant take her out of the car seat to hook her on. She had no problems going back and forth.

We love avent naturals

Medila. SLOW nipple at first.

I liked Avent for bottles and pacifiers. I got the pacifiers that have shape to them and are not just straight - my daughter couldn’t keep them in.

I breastfed my son for 2 months before I had to go back to work and we used avent to transition and it worked like a charm

I never had a problem with my oldest going from breast to bottle. In fact, all 3 of them would take any kind of nipple-gerber , tomee tippee, avent, etc… whatever I had on hand that was clean, they got…lol

My daughter breastfeeds & I babysit when she works, & we have used regular Dr Brown bottles with no issues what so ever. They really do help with gas & colic as well.

My little ones likes Avent! Also, not sure how far along/how old baby is… but if you have a registry on Amazon it Target you get a welcome box. I got 4 different types of bottles in there which was nice cause we were able to try out each one! Then I just bought more of his favorite. :slightly_smiling_face:

Como Tomo hands down. 3 kids and they are the best bottles ever.

Dr browns helps with gad colic/ and you dont have to burp as much since youre not feesing them as much air.

My baby loves Avent always been fine switching back and forth and for pacifiers my baby likes the ryan and rose pacis (they are similar to nipple) and they come in lots of great colors!

I use Dr. Brown’s size one nipple and were 9 months in

NUK nipples the resemble our nipples the most my kids loved them