Best bottles for beastfed babies?

My baby is 3 months old. He is exclusively breastfed. I didn’t think to work with him on the bottle until it was too late. I’ve tried multiple bottles and he refuses them. He doesn’t like the pacifier either. Any suggestions on how to help him take the bottle? No negative comments please.


My daughter would only take the comotomo bottle, and only from another person while I was not home. Even if I was in the other room it was like she knew :joy:

Good luck to you, my 3 boys wouldn’t take a bottle if I was anywhere near.

Try letting someone else feed him the bottle, babies can smell your milk so he might just be wanting to nurse instead. We also had to use the 0 level nipples because the level 1 was coming out too fast for her.

Same happened with me. She never took to a bottle. We started introducing water around 8-9 months and the only cup she’ll drink from is the Munchkin weighted straw cup :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same problem with my son just last week I would up having to get a Avent bottle theere really expensive amd I had to try different formula and qoind up staying with Similac pro senestive

Have you tried the Nuk bottles … they are all natural & the nipple on them is shaped like ours & it has multiple whole in the top so it come out like the breast do.


Have someone else try the bottles when you aren’t around!


I recommend the “Tommy Tipee” bottles because they replicate mom’s breast and nipples.


My daughter only took tommy tippe and it had to be warmed up !

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Don’t make him take the pacifier. I had 3 Grandkids & none took one.

Tommie Tippee!! My 2 month old took them the very first time and he’s also EB.

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This may sound silly but i did this with my girl… Pull the nipple out of the bottle and hold it over your nipps when the baby gets hungry itll be a more comfortable transition i guess not really sure lol but a couple of tries with my girl and she was on the bottle

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The avent naturals were great for us.

Try Avent Natural. That is the only one my little one likes. She also looks at me insane and plays around if I try to give it to her but takes it just fine at daycare. Maybe let somebody else try. Good Luck! :blush:

I agree with the Nuk bottles. My daughter loves them.

Take a tank top or shirt you’re wearing and wrap it around the bottle so someone else can feed him but he will still smell mom

My baby doesnt take the bottle or pacifiers either but she had to start with a bottle because she was too little at four weeks remature. I prefer her not having a bottle because it really helped my supply stay up due to her being on the breast only and shes now 7 months and nurse like a pro.

My son had bad nipple confusion. The only bottle that worked was by playtex called tummy comfort vent air with a natural latch nipple. The nipple is similar to your own

Mine was exclusively breastfed too and I couldn’t get her to take a bottle either! I tried every bottle imaginable! Even one that looked like a boob! :joy:. Good luck!!

The only kind I could get mine to take was NUK when someone else fed her. She wouldnt take it for me til she could hold it herself and was off the boob at about a year lol

My son will only do the Avent Natural. And absolutely refuses a pacifier unless he’s so tired that he is just trying to stay asleep and he uses the mam pacifiers or tommie tippee pacifiers.

He is not gonna take a bottle from you . He most likely will take it once he notice you are not around . Baby will not starve himself.

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When my little girl was born she only liked the poundshop bottles :see_no_evil: it wasn’t until she was a good few weeks we used mam bottles x

Babies will not starve themself just keep trying to give them a bottle if you want to stop breastfeeding then stop using your breast and only pump into a bottle, they won’t starve themself and will eat whenever he’s done being stubborn XD

evenflo balance it literally looks identical to a “mom boob”

all these “baby will not starve themselves” clearly have never dealt with reverse cycling

I breast fed 2 months lol and she did not want the bottle till I introduced tommy tippee:)


Try ones that resemble your breasts

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Thank you all for the replies! I would love to keep breastfeeding until he’s 6 months to a year old. I just wanted to introduce bottle Incase I need to go somewhere or get back to work. I will keep trying all the different bottles and just keep working with him and see if he will take the bottle from someone else when I’m not around. :relaxed: Fingers crossed he will eventually take it so he’s not miserable if I do have to go somewhere.

have you tried the bottle nipples that are in comparison of a female nipple

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My son is also EB and I also didn’t think to introduce a bottle to him. So when I left him with my SO for the first time, it was a struggle for them. We have the Kiinde Breastfeeding system. They have a sample kit you can try. After that first traumatic experience for both of them, I slowly started to bottle feed him with my pumped breast milk here and there. I would feed him on the boob first and if he was still hungry, I would warm up some milk and feed him with the bottle. It’ll take some patience and some time but baby will get the hang of it. Try introducing it when he’s not too hungry and fussy.

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Someone else needs to feed a bottle they smell u and won’t switch.

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I did the same with my oldest she never took one

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My daughter is exclusively breastfed but this is the only bottle she will take when i do pump!!
Its the best!!

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My first few days back to work we wrapped my shirt around the bottle so he smelled me. He was a little fussy at first but gave in!

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My sister just introduce her baby to a bottle and he would not take one that resemble a breast she tried a Dr Brown nipple and strangley he took it

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MAM and warm the milk

Have you tried leaving the room\house when someone offers the bottle? Sometimes it helps to not have you so close that they think you can just cave and give them boob.

I had this problem and I ended up breastfeeding my daughter until she was 2. She did take a bink at 4 months.