Best bottles for breastfed babies?

This is for the mamas who breastfeed and work. What is the best bottle that mimics the breast? How often do you pump at work? I have 2 months to build up a stash for when I get a job. I’m currently pumping 2x a day.


have someone else give her the bottle–she won’t want to take it when she knows you have the real thing! Also, depending on her age she may prefer a sippy cup. Make sure you nurse her extra when you are home to keep up your milk supply and to help her with the transition.

Mine refused a bottle. He started a sippy cup at 4 months.

Mam, those are the only ones my daughter will take. She refused every other kind. She is breastfed.

We tried like 4 different bottles, tommee tippee were the ones that worked for us.

I have 2 breast fed babies…my first is now 2 ½ years old and he would only take Avent bottles and my newborn 3 month old will only take Mam bottles and pacifiers. It all depends on the baby.

As a daycare provider, I’ve been in infant rooms for 3 years, I can assure you that they will either give in and take any bottle (as long as it’s the same kind offered each time) or if they are old enough will just eat table food and “makeup” for it when they are reunited with you. The specific type of bottle really doesn’t matter. I have never seen an infant starve themselves or slow their growth curve just because they are separated from the boob. There will be an adjustment period but I promise, babe will be okay. I will echo an above comment and say have someone else try the bottle at home as if they can smell you they’ll refuse the bottle and only want the boob.

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I used nanobébé for my daughter she refused every other type of bottle there was beside that one they are made in 5oz and 8oz bottles

Como tomo! The wide base helps to maintain a similar latch and they’re slower flow.

Boon brand bottles are amazing. Definitely worth trying.

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Avent is only one mine would take… they have nipple shields on Amazon, like a bottle nipple that goes over yours while breast feeding. Maybe you can try that also, it will help not to bite your nipple and might help transition to bottle better

We used comotomo from 3 months on when I had to work every now and then

Have someone else give him the bottle while you do something out of his sight.

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Which ever one they will take. There is no best. I have 4 and they all liked a different brand Buy a couple different ones and give it a try.

There is also nanobebe products.

Nuk simply natural worked well for my bfed babies who hated every other bottle

Some children can’t be bottle fed. My daughter would not take a bottle no matter what bottle it was. Spent days with different types of bottles and she would not take one.

I love the boon bottles the best by far I find!

Cup with straw or 360
cup :woman_shrugging:t3: technically they should start to be weaned off bottles by 1 anyway so save yourself the headache :joy:

Como!! Feel like a boob too!

I spent over $300 on bottles trying to bottle break my baby. In the end it was just time and patience. When she got hungry enough she ate the bottle. The first week was so horrible. I felt like a shit mom.

My daughters liked a certain shaped nipple. Try differ t nipples. Their father had to drive an hour away one day to buy mor nipples for their bottles. Then the battle was sippy cups. Good luck

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Dr. Brown’s Baby were the only bottles that worked for us

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como tomo bottles for both my babies

Have yet to find one and mine has almost a full set of teeth :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

The Dr browns wide bottles and the Tommie tippie closer to nature bottles work great for my LO

My son is only 2 weeks old but I breastfeed and pump. We use the Tommie tippee bottles and he doesn’t show signs of nipple confusion

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Mam bottles are the best in my opinion


My oldest took to the kiinde bottles very quickly. Convenient to pump and feed out of the same bag too. It lets you squeeze the bag to simulate a “let down”. Love the kiinde system!

We used Advent naturals. On the off chance that I did breastfeed him, there was no rejection at the confusion between my nipple and the bottle’s.

My breastfed daughter likes these Evenflo bottles. She never had an issue and took it right away
🍼Evenflo Bottles | Balance Wide Neck Bottles

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At this age, the bottle type doesn’t matter. He’ll just have to get used to whichever one you give him.

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I had the same issue before and my baby ONLY took nuk… good luck!!

Give her a sippy cup. Skip the bottle. Get the cups with the soft tops and two handles of the side.


Skip the bottle & get a sippy cup.


Mama bottles are what my granddaughter takes because they move like breast. She is breast fed they are only ones she takes for me while mom works

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Have you tired the bottle that feel like nipples.

I heard great things from friends about tommee tippee bottles because the top is closer to a breast

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These bottles were the best ones for my babies used them 3 out of 5 kids was able to keep nursing past a year no nipple confusion.

A good place to start to get baby use to the feel of a bottle nipple and to protect you is using one of these nipple protectors.

Consider going to a cup or using a sippy. My kids were on a cup full time by 14 months. It may be easier than getting him to use a bottle that’s close to momma.

9 months is pretty late to introduce a bottle for the first time. Like others have said it may be easier to go straight to a sippy cup or straw cup.


Try the Tommy tippy bottle the nipple is suppose to be close to an actual nipple I used it with my son for awhile then switched to Dr. Browns.

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We never used bottles (tried all of them) we was boob only and now he also will take sippy cups (loved nuk to start. now he will use any at 16 months)

Avent is what my picky one has decided she likes. My son used the playtex with liners or the ventaire. I strongly do not recommend the Ventaire they’ve been leaking bad on me

When I switched my son over I used Avent bottles and he did great!

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At this age it is actually recommended that they switch to sippy cups because bottles you’re supposed to take away by one. (They can and in some cases will get bottle mouth it just happened to someone I know but can’t disclose their identity) My son had the most success with this straw cup because he could still suck on her, but we started with the nuny 4 month old click cups


I didn’t switch my son from breast to bottle until he was 10 1/2 months old and we used avent natural bottles and he didn’t have any issues with them

My 1st would only use maam and our 2nd will only use dr. Brown lol we spent so much money on bottles! Keep the receipts and if baby doesn’t like one you can take it back!

Lansinoh bottles were the only ones my son would take, but you can also offer BM in a straw cup (check out honey bear bottles for a training straw cup).

I always used Avent or mam bottles for my 2 boys.

Nuk nipples are soft like a nipple.

My sons favorite was/is spectra bottles.

Tommee tippee bottles or nanobebe bottle. Both resemble a breast

Tommee tippee and Mam here

We tried so many and finally landed on MAM breastfeeding bottles. My son was forMula fed but got terrible gas or wouldn’t latch on to the others.

Definitely none of the ones that say “just like breast” or some variation of that bull crap. I liked the evenflo.

Don’t use a bottle! He’s nine months old. Start giving a proper cup without a lid and demonstrate how to drink from a cup. You might need to pour it in at first or he might lap like a cat; both are fine. Remember that breast milk is more nutrient rich than formula so they need less.

I had success with Comotomo bottles for my youngest :slightly_smiling_face: this time I’m using Nanobebe

I used Phillips advent bottles

Mine was using cups at this stage

Can he or will be take a sippy cup.When my youngest was 5 months old I had to go back to work full time and he too would not take more then a couple of oz from any bottle I tried after he failed to gain weight due to this problem his Doctor suggested trying sippy cups he loved it

I hate this answer but it really just depends. My kids have done better with different bottles. Just have to try a couple out and see what works


Como tomo bottles are best and closest to breast!

Mam worked best for my two girls, after they were finished with the breastfeeding/formula stage, the NUK soft spout sippy cups were a huge help.

For us it worked bedtime reading ( book”teeth are not for biting”) and for drinking we used a sippy cup

It all really depends on what your baby likes. I’ve had to try a few with each baby to get the right one.

We used tommee tippee, but honestly at 9 months I’d go straight to a soft sippy cup