Best bottles for breastfed baby?

I’ve been trying to get my son to take a bottle of pumped breastmilk since he was around 6 weeks old. He is now going on 12 weeks old and has only taken a bottle a couple of times. I recently got a different nipple and today he drank it really well! I don’t know how much he drinks when nursing so I just put 3 oz in the bottle. Since he drank it all, I also offered him my breast because I wanted to make sure he wasn’t still hungry. Well he nursed for almost as long as if he wouldn’t have had a bottle! He normally nurses every 2 hrs during the day. How much breastmilk is a normal amount for a 3 month old? Thanks!!


3 to 5 oz is average amount

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I’d try doing 5oz - and if you’re trying to get him on a bottle just make more if he drinks it all so he gets used to it and also you can figure out how much he wants so you don’t always have to make more

3oz is good. Look into pace feeding when using bottle.

My daughter is 3 months and she can drink up to 5-6oz at a time.

Ive only been able to pump, and and my 1 month old drinks 4 oz every 3 hours or so

4 mo old grandson takes about 4-6 oz every 2-3 hours

I dobt think you can really over do it with the breastmilk.

OP Follow Up Question

Today my son drank 4 oz from the bottle. However I only pumped 2.5 oz. Does that mean he doesn’t get as much as he wants when nursing? Shouldn’t I be able to pump almost as much as what he seemed to want to eat?