Best bottles for colic?

Best bottles for a baby with colic?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best bottles for colic?

Avent 100% Dr Browns is good too but Avent is easier to clean/put together

Dr browns unfortunately. I hated all the pieces but up until recently that’s all i could use for my baby.

These look like just cheap bottles, but I tried everything, allllll the expensive big name bottles, and these were the best. They have venting nipples but without the work of the dr browns. They’re amazing!

Colic is excruciatingly painful; like knives in the intestines. Poor babies.

It’s not so much the bottle as the position you hold the baby in when feeding and how often you burp the baby.

Tommy Tippee bottles are good.

Munchkin latch bottle

Dr. Browns are the only ones that worked for my daughter

Dr Browns…worked really well when I had my son.

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For my kids it wasn’t the bottle as much as the nipple flow. I used preemie nipples with both my boys and it helped alot!

Dr. Brown’s bottles! Also, sending solidarity, colid babies are not for the weak!:sob::two_hearts: