Best bottles for newborns?

Looking for recommendations on newborn bottles. Going to attempt nursing, but last time didn’t go well. Just preparing for the option.


If breastfeeding, you will want to use preemie/slowest flow nipples until 12 months of age. You’ll always need to pace feed other wise you’ll never be able to keep up cause you can over feed & stretch their tummies with a bottle. Dr browns, lansinoh are good for breastfed babies

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Used Maam bottles. They were wonderful and I’ll forever recommend them

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The Playtex VentAir bottles are really good. Same goes for the Phillips Avent bottles too. Just be sure to use the appropriate flow nipples (newborns = slow flow).

Lansinoh are good for breastfed babies the biggest thing is making sure baby is being pace fed.

My breastfed baby uses Phillip Avent bottles

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I have always used Philips Avent bottles!


My son and daughter both preferred mam bottles. My daughter was not breastfed but my son was.

My breastfeed baby only took NUK!

I used doller tree ones worked fine

The ones they’ll drink out of! Get a few different kinds to try before you stock up

Mam bottles for the go!
best Bottles ever